Rules for choosing a supplier on Aliexpress

One of the main tasks of Dropshipping from Aliexpress is to choose a reliable and good supplier of goods. It is very important that you can trust your partner. After all, he solves a lot of questions. Will your item arrive on time? Will it fit his description? Therefore, it is so important to choose a good supplier.

There are a huge number of them on Aliexpress and this makes the choice even more difficult. How to choose the best?

To get started, enter a keyword in the search bar. Next, you need to filter the results. Leave only products with a rating above four. After that, you can sort the products by price range, by terms of delivery and by the number of orders. This reduces the number of options and leaves potentially more reliable.

After that, turn me to the following parameters of the selected suppliers. First of all, look at the duration of the store. Simply put, when it was open. Best if the store has been open for more than a year. If a store has Top Brand status, then this is a big plus. Aliexpress does not give such a status slightly. Also see product reviews, especially negative ones. So you will understand what problems buyers encountered. After all, your customers may face the same problems.

If all is well, write to a potential partner. There are several reasons for this. First, you will find out how quickly the seller responds. This is very important because you often have to contact and if something goes wrong, then you need to solve the problem as soon as possible. If a partner answers longer than a day, then this is a bad sign and we would not recommend working with him. And of course, you can ask all your questions about the product and the terms of cooperation.

When you find a supplier, you just have to work. For some, this sounds scary, because dropshipper has a lot of work. But there are special tools that allow you to simplify this process. For example Easync. This is a dropshipping automation service.

Easync can find items for selling, create listings, do repricing and automatic ordering. Also, it have analytics of your sales. Easync make dropshipper's life easier, try the test period now!

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