How to use Non-Prime Amazon accounts with

In this article we will see how to process orders from your Amazon non-prime fulfillment account.

After you have registered the Amazon non-prime account, you need to connect it to Easync.

1.Click on the Fulfillment tab–>Create account.

2. Fill the data. Save.

3. Go to Preferences. Choose the Email Forwarding. Set it up. Here is the video about it

4. You will see your Amazon account here. You can see a Key symbol. We provide a 2FA. So you don’t have to generate it by your phone.

The set up is finished. You can process the orders manually or via or AO. Let’s see how to process the order manually.

a)Go to the item page and add it to the cart

b)You can see that by default the $5.99 delivery is chosen on non-prime accounts. But you need to choose Free shipping.

c)After that fill the address.

d)After the address is filled, double check that the shipping method is Free and click on Place the order button.

e)Go to the orders list in your Amazon account. Copy the order number and paste it here. Also choose the correct account from the list.

f)And the last step is to add the tracking URL. Click on the Track package button in your Amazon account, go to the tracking page and copy the URL of this page. Then click on the small pencil button and paste the tracking URL in the opened window.