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The problem with Amazon trackings and the solution for it

Any dropshipper knows that Amazon carrier delivers around 40% of all Amazon orders. Amazon provides you with a tracking number that can only be checked on the Amazon order page, also known by the name “AMZL”. which is not public. Since eBay does not have access to your Amazon account, they can not validate the shipping information. Therefore this tracking number is considered invalid.

Which leads to the following issues:

Problem 1 – You’ll lose cases if you can’t prove an item was delivered

Lost cases = lost money, so this is by far your biggest and most costly problem.

If a case is opened against you, and you only have the Amazon Logistics tracking number, there’s no way to show eBay or the customer that it’s been shipped/delivered so eBay will rule against you in cases.

Problem 2 – You can’t achieve Top Rated Seller or Top Rated Seller Plus status eBay’s Top Rated Seller programmes offer some great benefits such as a reduction in final value fees, a boost in “best match” search results and a badge that builds trust. Unfortunately part of the program requires that you upload a valid tracking number with at least one carrier scan recorded and validated by eBay within your stated handling time on 90% of all transactions. But given that eBay cannot check carrier scans for Amazon TBA tracking numbers, this is currently impossible to achieve.

Problem 3 – Buyers tend to feel excited when ordering an item and they wish to track the delivery, but when trying to track Amazon Logistics based item you see no information. That is when they start asking questions, opening cases etc. Moreover, this can be a recipe for scams as well.

These three being serious issues for any dropshippers, need to be dealt with.

Luckily, there’s a solution 🥳

Aquiline is an officially approved carrier by eBay, Aquiline will convert your Amazon tracking numbers to their own tracking which are accepted by eBay. Aquiline is an authorised and recognizable carrier on eBay. Meaning, you can choose them from eBay’s dropdown menu list of carriers.

Aquiline will help you offer better customer service as buyers will be able to track their orders, as well as maintain your valid tracking percentage and deal with “Item not received” cases.

Another benefit of using Aquiline trackings is that they “hide” the shipped from the location of the tracking information. So eBay doesn’t see where your package originally came from, this makes it harder to identify you as a dropshipper.

For example, this is how a Aquiline number looks when you click it in eBay:

The Aquiline team tested their tracking numbers in some clients’ stores to avoid being flagged by eBay as drop shippers. The results were incredible; most of the stores became Top Rated Sellers and the Late Shipping rates lowered down. 95.00% of your transactions should meet these requirements to become a Top Rated Seller.

Aquiline supports and convert All Suppliers

You can decide if you want to convert UPS, USPS, DHL & FedEx (no matter the supplier.) into Aquiline.

Tracking conversion works in all markets US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA

Join Aquiline and boost your sales ranking.

Aquiline Team

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