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How To Import Products from Amazon to Shopify

Hey guys! The topic of today’s article is how to import products from Amazon to Shopify. Let’s start our discussion with dropshipping to Shopify. We have touched on this issue before. Therefore, we recall the main points related to working with Shopify. The main advantages of Shopify are ease of setup and use and independence from significant marketplaces (such as eBay). Shopify is perfect for beginners who do not want to invest a lot of money in starting a business. There are many additional applications for Shopify, such as searching for a product (Oberlo) or arranging the delivery of goods from suppliers in the United States of America and Europe (Spocket), and many others.

Below we will tell you the basic steps to open your Shopify store

1. In the first place of importance, we placed the connection of the payment system. After all, receiving payment for goods is the primary goal of the trading business. So, you need to register a business account with PayPal or Stripe. These are the two most popular payment systems in the world. The good news is that European and American buyers have no such thing as cash on delivery (pay on delivery). So you get money immediately after purchase in your Shopify store.

2. Next, we advise you to decide what you want to sell. Will it be some separate niche or vice versa, a complete variety of goods and prices? If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a different niche and add products with a low cost (no higher than $25). Firstly, it will protect against losses in case of problems with the goods or buyers. Secondly, low prices have always attracted more buyers.

The most popular niches today:

  • beauty and personal care
  • children’s products
  • fitness goods
  • household products
  • hobbies and needlework
  • electronics

It is just a small list of popular product categories. Choose what is closer to you and add listings to the Shopify store. You can open several Shopify stores with different types of goods and then choose one and develop in this direction.

3. Registration directly at the Shopify store. It’s easy to do. Many videos on the net explain this in detail. Shopify has several design options, free (Debut) and paid versions. You don’t have to use paid designs or apps to become a successful dropshipper on Shopify. Many successful Shopify stores have spun on the free versions of the site. In addition, Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial period to fully get used to and join the process.

4. Choose a marketplace to select listings. The most popular dropshipping markets today are Aliexpress and Amazon. These giants have long and confidently taken a leading position among dropshippers worldwide. Naturally, each has its pros and cons. For example, Aliexpress is attractive for its price, but many are unsatisfied with too long delivery. Amazon is more progressive in this regard. Try to choose products with free shipping. Many dropshippers choose Amazon as a source market and as a target market. Amazon FBA is also a good choice for those new to the eCommerce business. But we will talk about this a little later.

5. After selecting the products, add them to your Shopify store. Set a markup of at least 40%. It will cover the costs of the business and bring you profit. Choose listings only with high-quality images and a good full description. We recommend supplementing the product description or rewriting it specifically for your store. Also, work on “branding” your store. Write the history of appearance and information about the creators. Customers are interested in stores with an account in which the soul is invested. One-day stores are usually bypassed. Find information about successful Shopify stores. Take an example from them.

There is another exciting idea from Shopify. You can synchronize product reviews from the source market using a unique application.

6. We all know how important advertising is for any business, especially trade. Allocate a budget and run ads on FB, Instagram or Google. It will attract a good stream of new buyers.

7. If you are using unique dropshipping apps (such as Easync), buying a product does not concern you. Our Auto order will do everything for you. And you can do more important things at this time. But if you decide to do without automation, then immediately after placing an order in your Shopify store, go to your source market and place a purchase at your buyer’s address. If you are at the beginning of the journey, the sales volume is not too big. You will manage on your own afterwards. But your Shopify store will gain momentum over time, and it’s better to automate this process. Easync is always here to help you!

Amazon for your dropshipping business

Why do people buy goods from your store if they can buy them two times cheaper on amazon or Aliexpress? Many buyers are emotionally triggered. Agree, it is much more pleasant to visit a specialized store with a unique design and a friendly seller than to go to an ordinary supermarket, where there are many people and so many goods that you can get lost. 80% of online shoppers think the same way. And it does not matter that they buy the same goods in different places. The atmosphere matters. So secure it!

Over time, your Shopify store will start to bring in more profits. And you decide how to manage it. You can invest in advertising or expand the range of your store. Perhaps you will choose to master other dropshipping platforms. For example, start selling on Amazon. The company had over 350 million active users in 2021. Trading volumes are growing especially fast after the 2020 pandemic when most buyers moved online. You can do Amazon dropshipping business, but there are several important conditions.

  • You must be an official seller of goods;
  • Your details must appear on all papers related to the product (such as packing stickers, invoices, etc.) Therefore, any information about a third-party seller must be eliminated before the goods are shipped;
  • As with other markets, you are responsible for the return of the goods;
  • You must comply with all terms of the agreement and Amazon policies.

Amazon takes 10 to 15% of your profits. So make a good margin (40-50%) on goods so as not to be at a loss.

The main advantage of dropshipping to Amazon is the ease of use of the site and access to a vast already accumulated audio. You do not need to spend money on advertising and promoting your dropshipping store.

Among the disadvantages of dropshipping to Amazon, we will highlight the following:

  • Amazon has access to your sales data. Thus, they use your data for their statistics. But the most unpleasant bonus from Amazon is that, as a result of the collected statistics, they calculate the most popular product niches and begin to crowd out sellers, actively participating in the sales of relevant products.
  • If your Amazon account does not have a Business status, then it will be pretty tricky for you to stay on Amazon for a long time. Amazon is interested in cooperation with big businesses, cutting down opportunities for expansion to ordinary sellers.
  • Unlike Shopify, you will not be able to pick up a unique design or make special features for your Amazon dropshipping store. Everything will be only within this marketplace.

As you can see, there are some nuances. You can choose the site that is more convenient for you.

Follow the instructions if you want to connect your Amazon seller account to your Shopify store.

Your Amazon and Shopify accounts must be active. You can connect them using MWS keys.

Below we have prepared a step-by-step guide on connecting Amazon and Shopify accounts to integrate with Amazon Shopify.

  • Log into your Amazon Seller Central account through your Shopify account. Complete the Shopify FBA Integration.
  • Read the terms. If you agree, check the box and click Next. On the Amazon MWS message, select Continue.
  • Go back to your Shopify store and set your shipping options to match your Amazon settings. You can do this in the section “Delivery”
  • “Manage tariffs.”
  • Choose the number of days for delivery and add the cost of the commission that Amazon takes. Save your changes.
  • Then you need to add all the products from your Amazon account to Shopify. It can be done manually or using the applications described above.
  • After adding the products, make sure all parameters and pictures match. If there are discrepancies, edit the listings’ descriptions to make them identical.
  • Save your changes. Then you can start fulfilling orders.

For this

  • Go to the “Orders” section in your Shopify store
  • Select the order number
  • In the Order Details section, click Start Fulfillment. You will be redirected to the order fulfillment page.
  • Based on the delivery speed chosen by the client, select (standard, expedited, priority) type of delivery.
  • Click on the complete button
  • After that, the order status will be displayed in the Orders section. On Amazon, the status will change from Pending to Completed.

Ready. As you can see, the process takes quite a bit of time.

Ways to import products from Amazon to Shopify

So, we come to the main point of our article: how to import products from Amazon to Shopify. This process is fast and straightforward.

You can do it manually if there are not many listings. To do this, copy the ASIN from the page URL. Please make a list of sins of the goods you need and upload it to your Shopify store.

But we are for automating any process. There are various applications and extensions for this.

Below, we will develop a list of handy applications for quickly importing products from Amazon to Shopify.

  • Easync Product ID Grab Tool for Drop Shipping. With it, you can choose the products of a specific seller or a specific niche and page.
  • The Multichannel Importer. It is an application developed by CedCommerce specifically for importing listings from Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart and other markets into Shopify. You get a file with all the necessary listings and easily upload it to Shopify.
  • Spreadr App – Amazon Importer by Thalia. Convenient and fast application for importing listings. It loads hundreds of products in a few clicks. It has a reasonably high rating and a large number of downloads.
  • AmaZone DropShipper + Walmart by PLI Negocios. If you want to work not only with Amazon but also with Walmart, then choose this application. It works with Amazon US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Walmart USA. The coverage is quite broad.
  • Amazon Associate Connector by InfoShore Software Private Limited. According to the developers, the application is so simple that even a child can handle it.

The apps above are free to download and freely available. Choose the easiest and most effective way for you to import listings from Amazon and work for the prosperity of your dropshipping business!

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Top 10 Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping

In our article we will talk about dropshipping with Aliexpress and possible alternatives to this trading giant.

We all know that dropshipping is the easiest and cheapest way to start an ecommerce business. You get a profitable business without huge investments and worries about storage and delivery. In the initial stages, the most important thing is finding a reliable goods supplier. And, of course, extensive and proven platforms immediately come to mind – Amazon or Aliexpress.

Let’s look at the main points related to dropshipping with Aliexpress. Today it is the largest marketplace globally, with over 100 million listings. Just imagine what a massive number of visitors daily make purchases on Aliexpress. It is not even just a large online store. Aliexpress can be called the most significant market on the planet. And indeed it is. Here you will find absolutely any goods from cosmetics to car parts. Aliexpress’s target audience is expanding every day. Its reputation is growing because it has established itself as a reliable and convenient online store for sellers and buyers. Why do people choose Aliexpress instead of going to a traditional store? All the goods on the shelves in stores are goods from China for the most part. Therefore, why overpay if you can buy almost at cost from manufacturers.

Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba media group. Accordingly, Alibaba is the main alternative to Aliexpress. But we will talk about this a little later.

Many Aliexpress sellers are well aware that some of their buyers are dropshippers. And they go towards them. So we can confidently say that Aliexpress is a great cooperation option for dropshippers. Many of them take high-quality photos of their products and detailed descriptions, so it will be pretty easy for you to populate your dropshipping store.

Niche and product selection

Perhaps every novice dropshipper wondered: what is better to sell, products of one niche or the most diverse? Let’s try to figure it out.

Here you can draw an analogy with a trip to the store. For example, you go to a huge supermarket or visit a well-known specialty store with certain types of goods. Agree, the price in an ordinary supermarket will be lower, but the quality of the goods will not be high. By default, they are guided by the quality of specific interests in a specialized store, although prices can be overpriced. Supermarkets aim primarily to make a profit from the maximum number of customers. Niche stores, on the contrary, are focused on every customer and are ready to offer quality products. Thus, niche stores bring in more profit, although, at first glance, this does not seem to be the case.

Thus, we advise you to sell niche products in your dropshipping store. And of course, first of all, you need to decide which niche products suit you best. We recommend that you choose the products that you like and understand. This way, you can provide good support to your customers. And communication with buyers is crucial for the ranking of your store.

Regarding Aliexpress, you already understood that the amount of goods there is simply incredible, and you can quickly get confused or run into an unscrupulous seller. Therefore, we will give you some tips on choosing a good supplier for your online store.

A common question among beginner dropshippers confuses them: why do people buy goods in the online store at a premium when they can order directly on Aliexpress or Amazon? People are willing to pay for the quality of the product itself and the quality of service and communication with them. You need to consider the business model of your dropshipping store carefully. Do not save on advertising. Create communities in social networks and offer customers promotions and discounts more often. Be active, and it will play an important role.

Tips for finding quality dropshipping products on Aliexpress

Based on our experience and our customers’ experience, we want to give you some tips for finding quality dropshipping products on Aliexpress.

  • Try to avoid brands and their fakes. Most likely, you are not the official representative of any brand. Otherwise, you would hardly be reading this article. China is famous for its passion for counterfeiting favorite brands. Unfortunately, most of them are by no means of high quality. If you don’t want problems with eBay (VERO) and your customers getting a poor-quality product, we strongly recommend that you stop adding branded listings to your dropshipping store. In the end, Ali has a vast number of ordinary products worthy of your attention.
  • Choose products with free shipping. Working track numbers are also significant, which will be tracked in China and abroad. If free shipping is included in the product’s price, they prefer them. People need to control the delivery process, so give peace of mind to your customers.
  • One of the important indicators is the number of orders for the product. On Aliexpress, there is a filter for “more than 300 orders”. Use it when choosing products for your store. After all, if a product is popular, it is in demand. And besides, if more than 300 people bought a product from this seller, it means that it is reliable and you can safely cooperate with it.
  • High seller rating. You understand the importance of this indicator. It directly shows the reliability of the seller.
  • The price should not exceed $20-25. This price range includes goods you can make at a good margin (40-60%). And at the same time, if there are any problems with the order, you do not risk losing a lot of money. Please take into account the various costs of your store so that the markup covers them and brings you a net profit.
  • Pay attention to the images. The seller must make them directly and not take them from the Internet.
  • Chat with the seller. So you will understand how realistic it is to establish trade relations with him. If the seller willingly and quickly responds to your messages, feel free to add his products to your dropshipping store. Long ignoring or silence on the seller’s part indicates its unreliability.
  • Do not copy the description from the site. Make your description for your listings to make it unique. It is essential because Google often does not skip entirely copied text, so your store may end up at the very bottom of the search.
  • Be honest with your delivery time. We all know that shipping from China takes at least two weeks. So don’t sugarcoat the speed of the delivery service. Honestly and openly write the time for the goods to arrive at the buyer. It will not ruin your reputation and allow your customers to make the right choice.
  • Aliexpress doesn’t provide the option of returning goods. If the buyer is dissatisfied with the goods, he opens the case, and Aliexpress may refund him. Therefore, to avoid losing money, you will have to learn how to communicate with dissatisfied customers who want to refuse the goods. If the buyer insists on a refund, then you have to open a dispute on Aliexpress and, in the same way, claim a refund for a low-quality product. On the one hand, this will allow you not to lose money, but on the other hand, you risk ruining your relationship with the seller if you work closely with him. So you need to take into account the specifics of each situation. If the buyer insists that the item is damaged, please ask for a photo of the article to send to the Aliexpress seller. You likely came across an unscrupulous seller, and the product is really of inadequate quality. In this case, open a dispute on Aliexpress, return the money to your buyer and stop cooperation with the dishonest supplier.

By following our tips, you will succeed in dropshipping with Aliexpress.

Do not also forget that having found decent suppliers of quality goods, you should establish and consolidate cooperation with them. You can chat with the seller, explain that you are a dropshipper, and he may meet you and even give discounts. Communication skills and goodwill are the critical qualities needed to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

Pros and Cons of dropshipping with Aliexpress

Let’s summarize the above. The main pros and cons of dropshipping with Aliexpress are as follows:


– The lowest price. It is natural because you buy goods in the country of origin. China pampers us with the most affordable prices for their products.

– The most extensive selection of goods. As we said earlier, Aliexpress is the largest online store globally at the moment.

– Possibility of free international shipping. It will save you money quite noticeably because the shipping costs are sometimes rather enormous. Moreover, even if most sellers have paid delivery for the same product, it is still possible to find the same product but with free delivery from another seller.

-Buyer protection. Since you are a buyer on Aliexpress, he is ready to put your interests first. If you encounter the slightest difficulty with an order, you open a dispute with a greater degree of probability that you will win it by receiving the money back.


– Shipping is free but incredibly long. It takes from 2 weeks to several months. Not every customer is willing to wait that long.

– Impossibility to return the goods. Aliexpress will not provide you with a return label as Amazon does. Thus, you will have to settle misunderstandings with buyers or return their money without requiring a return of the goods.

Top 10 Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping

So, we have discussed the general plan of action for successful dropshipping with Aliexpress. But there are other Chinese alternatives for dropshipping. Let’s review our Top 10 Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping.

1. Alibaba

As we wrote earlier, this is the basis of the Alibaba group, which includes many Chinese online stores. It is perhaps the most famous Chinese online store, on a par with Aliexpress. They are mainly intended for bulk purchases. Alibaba is wrong because the buyer protection mechanism works very poorly there. As soon as a disputable situation arises, the buyer is quickly convinced that this protection exists only formally. In reality, it is almost impossible to achieve your goal there.

2. Taobao

It is a popular Chinese online store similar in essence and content to Aliexpress. The slight problem is that it only works for the Chinese inner market. Therefore, for purchases from Taobao, you will have to use intermediaries. The most challenging thing that a beginner dropshipper faces, in our opinion, is the search for a product. However, you can subscribe to social networks and follow Chinese trends to add only the most popular products to your store.

3. 1688

Unlike Alibaba, the deal for 1688 is not formally protected, and the ratings are not for sale. Suppose there is an icon with a bullпїЅs head on the sellerпїЅs page. In that case, this is the highest rating for 1688, which means that he has an office, a store, a warehouse or his production, the status of a legal entity is documented, he has been on the site for a long time, and he has not received it for a long time. Prices for 1688 are lower than on Alibaba because the site is designed for the Chinese market.

When buying at 1688, money does not go directly to the seller but is frozen by the site. He will be able to receive them only when the goods reach the buyer, and he does not open a dispute in due time.

4. TMall

TMall is an online store from AliExpress for Russian buyers. It differs from its older brother because it does not need to check sellers for the reliability and quality of things: all goods here are original and with quality certificates. So if you work in the Russian market, TMall is your option. TMall promises to deliver the goods by courier to the door in 2-7 days. And sometimes, it happens even faster.

5. Banggood

The Banggood store is one of China’s largest and most visited online marketplaces. Bangud is far from new to the distance selling market: the store’s history dates back to 2004. But at the same time, a large number of online purchases are made on Aliexpress. The choice of goods here is not just broad – it is vast. Almost everything is made in China here. Banggood is a kind of Aliexpress in miniature. At the same time, the prices here for many goods are among the lowest on the Internet.


GearBest is the leader in selling innovative electronics, gadgets and technology, but it is difficult to choose clothes here due to the small assortment. On AliExpress, you will find many more products: from underwear to intelligent technology. The variety of the store is mainly aimed at electronic goods. Various gadgets from memory cards to cool laptops. On, you can find absolutely everything related to new technologies in the electronic world:

  • Smartwatch
  • Quadcopters
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • And many more exciting things.

Therefore, if you have chosen an electronics niche for your dropshipping store, you can partner with GearBest.

7. TomTop

It is a Chinese online store with free worldwide shipping. It has been working since June 2004. In 2006, he received the title of “Gold Supplier” from the Chinese trading platform Alibaba. The store’s assortment includes cell phones, tablets, clothes, shoes, and other gadgets at an acceptable price. The store also has several warehouses in the UK, Germany and the US, not counting China. The store, in addition, has a drop shipping function, with which you can sell products and ship them directly from the store without a single mention of it. And an affiliate program, with which you can receive 8-10% of the purchases that you attracted buyers.

8. LightInTheBox is an online fashion store for young and modern people from all over the world. In addition to clothing, the site offers stylish shoes, accessories, household goods, sportswear, watches, various gadgets, and much more. There are more than 1,000,000 products in total, while the store is constantly expanding its range, adding about a thousand new products daily.

LightInTheBox works directly with product manufacturers to eliminate intermediaries and provide low prices to its customers. Delivery of orders is carried out to any country globally, while it is possible to order express delivery of goods in 3-5 days.

Technical support speaks 27 languages and works around the clock. It is possible to return goods free of charge within a month after purchase. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the ordered goods.9. DealExtreme 

Initially opened as an online store of consumer electronics and accessories, it has significantly expanded its range in recent years—a massive selection of goods, from small things for interior and pet products to complex electronic devices. The leading “horse” of the store is low prices and the fact that free international shipping applies to all products without exception.

10 Price Elf

Price Elf is an online store of goods for the whole family with worldwide delivery. Low prices, honorable conditions for the return of goods and money.


  • Large range of goods
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Low prices
  • Loyal conditions for the return of goods and money
  • Profitable promotions


  • Bug on site pages
  • Free shipping only on orders over $12

So, we hope our review was helpful to you. Choose reliable suppliers and successfully develop in the dropshipping business!

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How to use Non-Prime Amazon accounts with

In this article we will see how to process orders from your Amazon non-prime fulfillment account.

After you have registered the Amazon non-prime account, you need to connect it to Easync.

1.Click on the Fulfillment tab–>Create account.

2. Fill the data. Save.

3. Go to Preferences. Choose the Email Forwarding. Set it up. Here is the video about it

4. You will see your Amazon account here. You can see a Key symbol. We provide a 2FA. So you don’t have to generate it by your phone.

The set up is finished. You can process the orders manually or via or AO. Let’s see how to process the order manually.

a)Go to the item page and add it to the cart

b)You can see that by default the $5.99 delivery is chosen on non-prime accounts. But you need to choose Free shipping.

c)After that fill the address.

d)After the address is filled, double check that the shipping method is Free and click on Place the order button.

e)Go to the orders list in your Amazon account. Copy the order number and paste it here. Also choose the correct account from the list.

f)And the last step is to add the tracking URL. Click on the Track package button in your Amazon account, go to the tracking page and copy the URL of this page. Then click on the small pencil button and paste the tracking URL in the opened window.

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Top 10 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Shopify is an online platform for creating an online store. It is trendy among dropshippers. The biggest plus is the ease of use. You can quickly start a dropshipping business even if you are a beginner. Another convenience is the ability to create a dropshipping store at minimal cost and in a short time. As you understand, Shopify is not just a marketplace where you register your store. It is your full-fledged online store.

Shopify is prevalent in over 170 countries. The total number of Shopify users exceeded 800,000 in 2021.

Shopify is convenient because most options are collected in one place and configured for work. When using Shopify, you do not need to buy a domain, create product pages, and process payments from buyers. Shopify does it for you. You have to manage your store using a convenient panel. You can track your activity or the activity of your customers. Analytics is a crucial aspect of doing business. You will be able to track your progress or see weaknesses.

Shopify features

In your Shopify store, you can choose from different themes and designs. There are free and paid versions. You don’t need to look for external hosting to host your store because Shopify has taken care of that. It is doubly convenient if you are new to e-commerce and do not understand many nuances. Shopify solves all technical problems for you. Thus, you do not need to spend time on complex settings or providing the technological base of your store. You can entirely focus on running your business.

In addition to the standard Shopify tools, you can use additional applications to expand your arsenal. Shopify developed some of them; others are third-party applications. For example, Shopify Chat (for live chat). It will help you communicate with your customers and increase your rankings. Any buyer appreciates communication with the seller when choosing a product or if any problems with the order appear. If you allow your customers to discuss issues quickly and efficiently, you gain a good reputation.

Another application is Best Currency Converter (to auto-convert currencies). This application can also make shopping easier for you and your customers.

And, of course, Oberlo. The application is for you and me – those who are engaged in dropshipping.

To appreciate all the advantages of using Shopify, you have a 14-day trial. It is enough time to get familiar with the interface and start your online dropshipping business.

After the free period expires, you can choose the plan that best suits you. You can find information about tariffs and prices on the Shopify website. But we can say one thing. The most popular plan for beginner dropshippers is Shopify Lite. It costs only $9 per month. With this plan, you can add listings to your store, communicate with buyers via messenger, accept credit card payments and make sales on Facebook. Not a bad set of options for $9, isn’t it?

So, let’s summarize. Let’s highlight the main advantages of working with Shopify:

  • Availability of web hosting. Shopify provides you with ready-made web hosting;
  • Simple and accessible interface even for a beginner. you can easily set up a store without having such experience before;
  • Сustomized payment system;
  • Shopify technical support is available 24/7. They solve any technical problems quickly.

Among the shortcomings of Shopify, we highlight the following:

  • Paid rates. Yes, Shopify gives you two weeks to get acquainted with the service. but then you have to pay;
  • Additional applications for boosting your store are also available only in a paid format;
  • If your store is developing quickly and successfully, you will have to raise the plan and accordingly pay more. Because many of the necessary options are not available at cheaper rates.

Thus, we have the following conclusion. Shopify is perfect for beginners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their existing businesses.

Shopify has created a convenient system of plans. The more significant your store and the higher your income, the more expensive plan you will need. Expenses grow in proportion to pay, and Shopify provided for this.

Shopify vs eBay dropshipping

Let’s now talk about another popular dropshipping platform, namely eBay. We will also conduct a comparative analysis of both markets so that you can choose the most suitable option for you.

eBay is one of the most prominent players in the eCommerce market. eBay sales are enormous. People buy thousands of products every day. eBay’s feature is the ability to purchase goods at an auction. Statistics show that eBay currently has over 180 million users. The number of listings reaches 475 million.

eBay is a lovely place for dropshippers from all over the world. You can register your online store and conduct business on a ready-made platform. Unlike Shopify, there is no need to spend time on various settings or branding.

However, eBay also has various options for boosting your dropshipping store. You can customize your color scheme, choose a logo, and create a unique store description. Each listing presented in the list has its description page where you can add many quality images.

Each seller can set up the shipping policy he needs (delivery, return). Buyers leave reviews that affect the seller’s rating. Reviews are always publicly available in the seller’s profile. So that every buyer can get acquainted with them. It motivates sellers to conduct their business with integrity and communicate with buyers.

If we talk about prices and plans on eBay, then everything is simple. The more listings you upload, the more expensive plan you will have to choose. On eBay, you will find Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise plans. We will not talk about plans in detail. You can read more about them on the eBay website.

Let’s see the pros and cons of eBay compared to Shopify.

  • As we wrote above, eBay has a vast number of users (more than 180 million). You don’t have to put as much effort into promoting your eBay store as you do into a Shopify store.
  • If you need to make some settings to launch the Shopify store, you don’t need to do this on eBay. Just register a seller account and work.

eBay has a seller protection policy. In the event of a misunderstanding with the buyer, eBay may stand up for you. Shopify doesn’t, and you’re on your own.

  • Since eBay is a trendy marketplace, the competition will be pretty high. With eBay, you have to keep a close eye on competitors’ price changes to stay in demand among buyers. Sometimes a general price drop on eBay can force you to operate at a loss. Still, otherwise, you will lose out to competitors. Anyway, it’s up to you. There is no such thing in Shopify. You have the right to set the prices that you consider necessary, focusing only on your target audience.
  • The ease of use of eBay has advantages only at first glance. With Shopify, you have many more opportunities to highlight your store profitably by using tools or applications partners of Shopify.

Based on the comparative characteristics, it is possible to identify categories of online sellers for which eBay is best suited.

  • Beginners looking for a part-time job, budding dropshippers
  • More experienced drop shippers can also work with eBay, creating more stores and expanding their business
  • Online sellers who have their online store want to sell leftover goods or defective goods at a reduced price, without prejudice to the main store. eBay has a very convenient system for selling used – like new goods. You can also sell these items in your dropshipping store.

As you can see, each site has its scale. It all depends on your goal. If you want to run a small or medium business, both eBay and Shopify will suit you. But if you are planning to grow your store to a large scale or create your unique brand, then choose Shopify. eBay won’t give you that option.

Our list of top 10 successful Shopify dropshipping stores

1. Tattly (

The history of this successful Shopify store began in 2011. Tina Roth Eisenberg’s daughter got herself a ridiculous tattoo. When Tina turned to her designer friend for help, the lousy tattoo became an excellent idea for the store.

Tattly’s customer retention technique offers the opportunity to add a splash of confetti to the package. It distinguishes them from competitors and increases customer loyalty.

The business, which was ostensibly a side job, has brought in over $10 million in sales.

2. Pipcorn (

The brand creators position themselves as sellers of the most “delicious, tender and crunchy popcorn you’ll ever taste.”

In 2013, Jennifer, Jeff and Teresa (Pipcorn owners) applied for Shark Tank funding and received $200,000. In 2014, the revenue from their business amounted to $800,000. Their creativity in-store design and product packaging have made them incredibly successful and deserving of a spot on our list of the best dropshipping stores.

3. GetVineBox (

This Shopify store sells fine wines at an affordable price, as the name suggests. GetVineBox organized an excellent delivery service. Wine bottles are pretty fragile, and reliable delivery is crucial. Their website is very user-friendly and easy to use. The style of the site and the color scheme are conducive to tranquility and enjoyment. The store also provides a function for use by people with disabilities.

4. Allbirds (

The brand appeared in 2016. Its founders are New Zealand footballer Tim Brown and his engineering partner Joey Zwillinger.

The main feature of their shoes is merino wool and eucalyptus in shoes.

Their design is bright and original. For each product, not only photos are presented, but also mini-videos. All shoes from Allbirds come with fun typography. It is comfortable and unique. The desire to create comfortable shoes and the use of merino wool is the real secret to the success of this brand.

5. Taylor Stitch (

The creators of this Shopify brand are Mike and Barrett. They manufacture and sell fashionable clothes. Their products are sewn exclusively from high-quality fabric, and styles are always original.

When the founders started their business, they faced a difficult task – to create unique things and be comfortable and functional in the city. The clothing market is highly competitive, so this was not an easy task. But they did it. And now their fashion Shopify store generates between $10 million and $25 million a year in revenue.

6. Kylie Cosmetics (

Kylie Cosmetics is a famous cosmetics company with a successful Shopify store.

Initially, Founder Kylie just wanted to create a website for her cosmetics store to be convenient and functional.

Shopify functionality turned out to be perfect for her. She was able to handle complaints and process payments, and make international deliveries. Sales volume skyrocketed instantly. Today, Kylie Cosmetics is one of the largest Shopify stores selling cosmetics. profit is more than $100 million per year.

7. Mark Venn (

Mark Venn is the creator and chief designer of his clothing line. He is personally involved in creating all the products in his Shopify store.

They specialize in biker jeans, Chelsea boots and handmade backpacks.

Mark Venn often comes up with different ways to interact with customers. Gives gifts or personally thanks for the purchase by sending an email.

You can take this idea to your mind. Communication with customers is the basis for the success of any business. Why not learn from the professionals?

8. Pour Moi (

Pour Moi is a Shopify store that sells lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear. This store makes sure they provide the right products for today’s trendy women.

Pour Moi is a Shopify lingerie and swimwear store. Women with any clothing size will be able to choose products here. Pour Moi positions itself as a brand accessible to every modern fashionable woman, regardless of her physique. Beauty accessible to all is my motto. They made the design of their Shopify store as convenient and straightforward as possible for customers.

9. Au Lit Thin Bedding (

Au Lit is one of the most successful Shopify stores in the field of home goods. Here, you can find bed linen, blankets, pillows, and everything for a comfortable sleep. They also sell beds, bathroom furniture, and other home furnishings. According to the creators of the brand, their main goal is to improve the quality of sleep and the whole life of customers.

They also have a section on their website with various home improvement tips and tricks.

10. Hara Capas

The brand name Caracapas translates as “pure cotton.” It is what its founders do. They create handmade clothes in the style of Indian culture.

To date, Shopify Store Hara Caps is making $1,500 per day.

Production is located in India. Delivery is carried out anywhere in the world. Their clothing is a unique combination of simplicity and elegance. Minimalistic design, natural fabric, and simple colors are the basis of clothes from the Hara Caps brand.

We hope that this article will inspire you to start your own dropshipping business with Shopify! Easync is always here to help you.

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Top 10 Furniture Products To Dropship In 2022

According to statistics, 61% of furniture buyers will choose it online in 2022. At the same time, half of the buyers study the content about interior design before purchasing furniture. The vast majority (61% of respondents) choose furniture in online stores, specialized sites, marketplaces, Instagram, and other online channels. Of these, 45% did it only on the Web, 16% combined the choice with trips to salons and shops, i.e. searching and evaluating the necessary furniture offline.

As can be seen from the statistics, more and more buyers are moving to online furniture stores. Therefore, we confidently state that dropshipping furniture is one of the most promising and profitable niches. Every year the number of furniture buyers in your dropshipping store will increase for the following reasons:

  • Convenience in comparing prices;
  • People do the shopping in a calm atmosphere at home;
  • Price factor (online is cheaper than offline);
  • No need to waste time on the road to the store;
  • Shopping at any convenient time (including at night).

80% of the surveyed users bought cabinet furniture, 65% – upholstered furniture. Every fourth (25% of respondents) buyer prefers to purchase upholstered and cabinet furniture in an online store.

Also, according to statistics, most purchases were made by residents of large cities. Keep this in mind when targeting your audience.

Most potential furniture buyers will want to improve their living conditions by spending more time at home, in apartments, or in-country houses. It will also be a factor stimulating sales in the furniture market.

It is necessary to conduct severe preparations and draw up a business plan for opening such a dropshipping store.

And the first thing to start with:

  • Create a concept
  • Analyze competitors
  • Study and segment the target audience

Step 1. Add the furniture

Show customers what you have to offer. According to the experience of Internet marketers, the furniture catalogue triples the number of applications without additional costs for attracting customers.

Remember, you’re selling online, so you won’t be able to talk the buyer through. What to do?

  • Describe the furniture correctly. Provide customers with all the information they want to know. Be sure to include materials, dimensions, color, weight, and anything else necessary to the buyer. Convince him that his apartment or office cannot do without your sofa or desk. Listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality images are your chance to make a presentation of furniture and work out objections at the same time.
  • Display prices. Don’t force customers to look up prices and avoid confusion about how much they will pay at checkout.
  • Classify furniture. The catalog should be well structured so that the customer can quickly find what they need. The same product can be in several categories. For example, a sliding wardrobe can be “bedroom furniture” and “bestsellers.” Allow customers to filter furniture by style, color, price, and other parameters.

Step 2. Set up payments

Ecommerce platforms make it easy to set up payments with just a few clicks. See what payment options are available – the more, the better. You can accept payments from credit cards, PayPal, and other payment systems.

Ensure secure payment processing to prevent hackers from intercepting customer bank card details. Download an SSL certificate and protect your data from decryption using the HTTPS protocol.

Step 3. Deal with shipping

When choosing a supplier, ensure that he works with conscientious delivery services. Check delivery times before submitting a listing to your dropshipping store. Focus on customer reviews.

Free shipping is a nice bonus for the customer but an additional cost for you. You can offer free shipping on all orders, orders over a certain amount, or certain items.

Step 4. Launch online advertising

Use social media to promote your online store.

The main advertising channel is Google search. Here are ads for “hot” customers who are already looking for specific furniture. Therefore, such advertising is more expensive, but it’s conversion is higher.

Google advertising network is also suitable for use. Suppose a buyer has previously searched for furniture, interiors, and home improvement information. In that case, ad networks will catch up with relevant ads on sites on other subjects. Clicks and impressions will cost less, but leads’ conversion will be lower.

In addition to the pros, dropshipping furniture also has its cons. Let’s look at them in detail. It will help you decide whether to start selling furniture or choose another dropshipping niche.

1. Expensive shipping. To get a good amount of revenue by working on a dropshipping, you first need to reach a good audience, a wide GEO. But the delivery of large goods is most often paid. Some buyers are not willing to overpay for shipping. It is easier for them to go to the nearest furniture store and bring large furniture on their own.

2. Non-uniqueness of the product. As you might guess, selling a unique product is always more efficient and profitable than selling something everywhere and everywhere.

Suppose the uniqueness of the product is high. In that case, the buyer will be ready to survive the production time and accept the delivery cost and time. Suppose your product is similar to everything in many offline stores. In that case, there is a high probability that the client will go to buy furniture there and will not order the same sofa in the online store.

3. Lack of physical stores and showrooms. About 50% of people refused to buy due to the impossibility of visiting the store/showroom. The request was explicit: the client wants to understand the quality of the material.

4. Availability. This problem is not a key and a rather critical one. It is necessary to indicate that sometimes customers like the product. They are delighted with it. Still, they need it today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

5. Low margin. Everything is simple here: money solves 90% of your problems in life and business. With a high margin, it would be possible to solve critical issues: for people to pay part of the delivery cost or even pay it in full.

The most basic reason why the success of such a business is minimal: is expensive shipping. Although there are other troubles, this one is still more significant than the others. Until shipping costs drop, selling bulky items via dropshipping is unlikely to be profitable, so focus your niche on smaller items.

Our list of top 10 Furniture Products To Dropship In 2022

1. Sofa

Sofas have long taken a leading position in the furniture market. More and more people live in small apartments where there is no way to equip a full-fledged bedroom.

Comfortable multifunctional sofas which quickly turn into a bed for the night, come to the rescue in this situation. The meaning of this upholstered furniture is diverse: they can divide and zone the space, complement and soften the interior, be the center of the room or harmonize too bright style. Besides, modern sofas are advanced, sustainable, environmentally friendly and can be light, mobile and modular – the choice is enormous.

You can find sofas at suppliers on Aliexpress or Amazon. Read reviews and seller ratings. Specify the terms of delivery. It is essential to consider because you decide to dropship large pieces of furniture.

When choosing sofas for your dropshipping store, pay attention to the parameters that will be important for your customers:

There are also many types of sofas in shape: Straight sofas, U-shaped, corner, or semicircular. Focus on your target audience and the overall style of your products.

2. Closet

The second most famous piece of furniture in any home is the closet. If you plan to sell cabinets, choosing a good delivery service is vital. Cabinets are usually transported unassembled. Suppose at least one part of the cabinet has a scratch or chip from poor-quality transportation. In that case, the buyer will either refuse the product or leave negative feedback.

To keep your cabinets in high demand, study fashion trends. A closet is always a multifunctional piece of furniture. It is not only the primary storage method but also an interior decor because there are many different cabinet designs these days. Try to choose products in your online store as wide as possible.

3. Coffee table

Coffee tables are an integral part of the interior of every home. They are classics that never go out of style.

It is not only an element of decor. The table performs many functions: storing newspapers and magazines and holding tea parties with treats. Furniture with additional shelves and storage compartments equipped with wheels is trendy for the convenience of moving this piece of furniture around the room.

Particularly noteworthy are transforming tables with a folding tabletop, the area of which can be increased by one and a half or even two times.

The coffee table traditionally stands next to upholstered furniture – armchairs, and sofas, which determines its demand and imposes requirements on functionality.

Be sure to add this piece of furniture to your dropshipping store. Its small size and low cost compared to other furniture give it every chance of being in demand among buyers.

4. Rug

People always buy soft rugs for the living room or bedroom to create coziness. Aliexpress offers a large selection of soft carpets. Check the seller rating and shipping method, and feel free to add rugs to your online store.

5. Pillows

Decorative pillows mainly create an atmosphere of comfort. They perform not only an aesthetic but also a practical function: they allow you to organize a cozy place to relax. Textile elements play an essential role in creating a cozy corner and play area for a child. And decorative pillows will complement the interior of the bedroom, dining room, living room, and terrace. Create a collection of soft carpets and cushions. Your customers will be happy to buy several items in your online store.

6. Armchair

An island for a comfortable stay, an additional seat (and sometimes a bed) is an easy chair for the home. Beautiful and functional, it will not only keep the sofa company but will also become an independent piece of furniture. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of variations on the theme of soft chairs. Rectangular or rounded, with high legs and squat, with or without armrests (soft, wooden), a tall, laid back, or low straight back.

Armchairs are trendy. However, this is a more massive design, and you should take care of a quality delivery service. Also, a bean bag chair has a high rating among buyers. Mobile, modern and inexpensive – this is a frameless chair, bag, or bean bag. The universal design makes it possible to use it in the living room, bedroom, nursery, and even hallway.

7. Chandelier

Every buyer knows that chandeliers play a crucial role in interior design. Properly selected devices can transform the appearance of the room and improve the quality of lighting. Floor and table lamps are also popular. Lighting objects come in various types for every taste and budget. Focus on your target audience and place products following your customers’ needs.

8. Racks and shelves

The rack in the interior can perform several functions at once: to zone the space, decorate it, and play the role of a storage system. Bookshelves will look more organic in the interior of a living room or office. In the bedroom, fully occupied shelves can create a sense of congestion.

Amazon offers a large selection of closet shelving. On Aliexpress, you can find many decorative stylish racks and shelves for the living room, bedroom, or children’s room.

9. Chest of drawers

Dressers in the interior appear everywhere. It is where their versatility comes into play. The item will be appropriate in any room: it can be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, nursery, hall, and even the kitchen. In small-sized apartments, tall cabinets are still preferred. Still, ancient walls have long been abandoned in spacious rooms, relying on small and original furniture. So the choice of chest of drawers directly depends on the size of your buyer’s home.

10. Decor

In this item, we have included many kinds of home decorations. Objects and decor elements are those little things that help transform the interior. They can play a crucial role in forming complex design compositions. Or remain in the background, emphasizing the overall design concept or acting as a not the most catchy addition.

All decor items can also be in groups depending on the location in the interior:

  • Outdoor: various large vases, lamps, decorative trees, etc.
  • Desktop: clocks, lamps, figurines, flower arrangements.
  • Wall: paintings, clocks, mirrors, sconces, photo panels.
  • Ceiling: chandeliers, various lamps, mirrors, etc.

The most popular include:

  • Wooden crafts. They can be made from various breeds, provide elements of carving and other designs;
  • Stone. It can be multiple installations, sculptures, figurines, and much more;

metal. Most often in the interior use products obtained by forging or casting;

  • Ceramics. Porcelain can be considered the most popular material for interior solutions. Decor items are often made from it, repeating various national and cultural motifs;
  • Gypsum. Characteristic material for the manufacture of sculptures;
  • Glass. It is necessary to create both stained glass mosaics and individual accessories, including vases, lamps, etc.;
  • Different types of plastic and paper. Popular due to their availability and flexibility in processing. From plastic today, you can get decor items of any size and shape;
  • Textile. The material is also in demand for decoration. Firstly, some functional decorative elements are made from it, such as curtains and interior dolls, tablecloths, decorative pillows, etc.
  • Recyclables. A separate species, the popularity of which is growing every year, is the result of processing various materials for their reuse. It is due, first of all, to the threatening environmental situation in the world. The use of recycled materials in decor, clothing and interiors is intended to draw attention to the problem of saving resources.

As you can see, the choice is extensive. If you wish, you can fill your dropshipping furniture store with only decor items, and it will be popular in any case. Therefore, we highly recommend adding as many decor items as possible to your dropshipping store. Their small size will not create problems with delivery. Also, small items are not High-Ticket items and will not cause you a significant loss if you have issues with buyers.

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The Best 15 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2022

Why should I dropship fitness products?

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are at the peak of popularity, and business in this area is actively flourishing. On the desire of people to play sports and eat right, sellers earn money in various ways: they open sports clubs and fitness studios, conduct training sessions, and create clothes for sports. In our article, we will talk about dropshipping fitness products.

The USA is a country where a healthy lifestyle and sports are actively promoted. Fitness centers provide benefits and discounts to attract more and more visitors. According to the Sport communication group, in the US, sales of sports goods per person are 330 dollars, in the EU – 85. People go in for fitness and wrestling, refuse alcohol and cigarettes, and are fond of proper nutrition. New sports and physical activities appear and immediately find their followers. Going in for sports and leading an active lifestyle has become fashionable: according to statistics, every fifth Internet user types in search engines queries related to getting in shape, contacts of fitness centers, and the purchase of sports goods. Accordingly, the demand for them is growing.

Sports have become available to everyone, regardless of income or age. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to make money on dropshipping sports goods?

How do I find the most popular fitness products for my online store?

When compiling an assortment, you need to consider your target audience, and, secondly, you should be well-versed in all the nuances of choosing sports goods and equipment. In your store’s range (if we are talking about a general sporting goods store), you should have fitness accessories, sports equipment, outdoor products, sports nutrition, training equipment, martial arts clothing, etc. Small stores usually sell special sports shoes and clothes. Tracksuits, T-shirts, and sneakers are in the most significant demand.

According to experts and experienced entrepreneurs, novice dropshippers should focus on sporting goods of one group and become a professional in this direction. Such shops are focused on serving a relatively narrow group of consumers engaged in a particular sport (mountaineering, snowboarding, etc.). A small number of potential buyers is compensated by their willingness to pay a lot of money for an exclusive product.

The Best 15 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2022

From 2020, permanent lockdowns will be introduced. But for sports fans, this is not a hindrance. People who want to keep fit will find a way to engage in physical activity without even leaving home. Instead of running down the street – a treadmill, instead of a bicycle – a bicycle station; instead of a pool – functional training. Finally, there is time to strengthen your back, pump up the press or sit on the twine.

Below we have prepared a list of the most popular and, therefore, best-selling fitness products over the past year.

1. Expanders

The carpal expander develops the muscles of the hands and forearm. It increases grip strength and is ideal for home workouts. Models come in different shapes, and rubber and steel are responsible for rigidity.

We have compiled a list of the most popular expander models for your dropshipping store.

  • Rubber loops – Today, this is the most popular and versatile expander. A real gem in your pocket. With the help of loops, you can pump any muscle group and conduct a full-fledged fitness workout, learn to pull yourself up, do push-ups on the uneven bars and from the floor
  • Carpal expander ring – With it, you can ideally train the strength of the hands and forearms. It is small and fits easily into a pocket, bag, or car glove compartment.
  • The figure-eight expander – with the advent of rubber loops, the figure eight has lost several positions but continues to be one of the most popular expanders. Exercises with the figure-eight can be used as a warm-up before the main workout and to conduct a complete workout for all muscle groups. The tension of the expander provides the load. It allows you to use large muscle groups.
  • Expander-harness – this super popular equipment among fighters of various martial arts with the advent of rubber loops again passed a little but remains in our TOP. Exercises with an expander-harness allow you to work out punches and kicks, throws, and turns of the body that imitate throws.
  • Fight Ball (Battle ball) is a simulator that simulates a fight with a real opponent. The new version has a less rigid elastic band. Thanks to this, beginners will be able to have time to react to the incoming ball. And experienced fighters will be able to hit the ball harder and manage to carry out more complex combinations. The battle ball does not take up space. You can take it with you anywhere. Both adults and children enjoy playing with it.
  • The skier’s expander is also the boxer’s expander and the swimmer’s expander. It is an expander consisting of bundles with loops or plastic handles at the ends (it is more convenient with loops). It is very popular with athletes of various sports and in rehabilitation after injuries.
  • TRX loops – the popularity of this simulator is growing every year. Almost every fitness club conducts workouts using TRX loops. In addition, more and more people are buying them for home workouts. The secret of such popularity is compactness and versatility. The TRX effectively develops strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, which is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

2. Sports mats

Yoga and fitness mats are sports equipment that is usually purchased first. Moreover, people buy a training mat regardless of where they work out – at home or in group classes in the gym. A good mat is essential for many fitness activities. Still, it is instrumental in those activities where a significant part of the exercises is performed on the floor or your knees. For example, these are yoga practices, pilates, stretching, twine stretching, a set of exercises for the press. Therefore, gym mats make their place in our popular dropshipping fitness products list. Sports mats vary in thickness, material, and the presence of storage cases. The price range changes accordingly. You can choose products based on your target audience and the range of your online store.

More budget-friendly sports mats are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (aka foam rubber). And fitness mats from Polyvinyl Chloride, Thermal Plastic Elastomer, and natural rubber are already an average and expensive price segment.

3. Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology taping was invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase back in the late 1970s, but the method gained worldwide fame after the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Following the athletes, bright elastic bands have become popular among amateurs.

Now there are more than 50 trip manufacturers on the market. You can easily find tape suppliers on Aliexpress. They have a low price. Respectively, you can count on a large volume of sales of this product.

4. Kick scooter

Over the past five years, scooters have gained high popularity. The number of kick scooters is growing every year. In some cases, it is worth choosing universal models, and in others – kick scooters are designed to solve specific problems. Moreover, most of the fans of scooters are by no means children! Scooters are loved by sports fans and ordinary workers hurrying to work in the morning. You can add three types of kick scooters, depending on your target audience. This:

  • stunt scooters
  • urban scooters
  • dirt – scooters

Depending on the configuration of each type of scooter, their price varies greatly.

5. Shakers

A shaker will help you quickly prepare a fresh serving of a nutritious protein shake without a mess in your bag. This item is popular with gym-goers looking to gain mass.

6. Jump ropes

This children’s entertainment is a great way to keep fit. Jump ropes come in a variety of configurations. But in any case, we classify this product as a budget one. Feel free to add it to your store because there are a lot of jump rope lovers.

7. Water bottles.

In addition to the primary function of storing water, water bottles have become an essential accessory of our time. People tend to consume enough water, so the demand for water bottles will be high.

8. Sports balls.

There are always enough team sports fans, so we recommend adding balls to your dropshipping store.

9. Sports lights

This product is famous not only among mountaineering enthusiasts. Often people are forced to train in the dark, and a sports flashlight is a convenient solution.

10. Dumbbells

You will not run into a shortage of people who want to buy dumbbells from you. It is the most famous fitness equipment of all time.

11. Tourist knives

Product for a relatively narrow audience. But even if you do not specialize in selling goods for tourism, we recommend adding Camping Knives to your store.

12. Blocks for yoga

Since yoga is trendy, yoga equipment will always be in demand.

13. Weights

Fitness or running lovers will not pass by weights in your online store.

14. Fit balls

This product is popular among the female half of humanity. Persistent buyers of fit balls are expectant mothers.

15. Trainers

We could not get around the classics of any fitness class. Nowadays, there is a massive selection of exercise equipment for the home or gym, large or small, budget or expensive. Depending on the specifics of your online store, we recommend adding simulators.

The sale of sports goods is a seasonal business. Sports shops change their assortment depending on the year to reduce the seasonality factor. In winter, they sell ski suits, sleds, snowboards, and skis, and in summer, they sell tennis, beach, and golf clothes. There are also “out-of-season” goods – for example, bicycles and clothing and equipment for various types of martial arts. These products are in consistently high demand throughout the year.

For a dropshipping store, you can choose two directions.

  • A department store will sell everything: sportswear, athletes’ equipment, and sports nutrition. In this case, you cover the majority of the target audience, but at the same time, you enter a market that is divided among solid competitors. In this case, there is a high risk of remaining in the red and getting lost among the “monsters” of marketing.
  • A specialized store that chooses a separate direction and develops it in depth. For example, it can be equipped for a particular sport, all types of sports nutrition, furniture for gyms. It is desirable to sell both famous and exclusive goods in a narrow niche. Experts believe that this type of activity requires the least cost and can unwind in a short time. There will be fewer potential customers, but they will be permanent and ready to pay any money for a unique product.

Your target audience

With the right approach, you can attract several target audience segments:

  • Professional athletes. They will need equipment, sports equipment, and sports nutrition.
  • Lovers. These are people engaged in fitness, yoga, Pilates, aerobics. It is perhaps the most significant category: young people aged 20 to 40 who keep up with the times and lead an active lifestyle. This category has a great demand for various sportswear accessories: dumbbells, mats, hoops, etc.
  • People who go in for extreme sports: diving, snowboarding, climbing, etc. Again, be careful with the equipment: a person’s life depends on its quality.
  • Children who go to the sections. Your customers will be their parents or trainers who order goods online. Mostly equipment and supplies will come in handy. Sports paraphernalia also diverge with a bang: medals, cups, letterheads – they are presented to children for winning competitions.
  • Fitness centers. They can also become your customers if you sell professional equipment: gym equipment, treadmills, tennis tables, dumbbells, pancakes, etc. Regardless of the target audience, any online sporting goods store can sell unique clothing and footwear, sports nutrition, outdoor products: tents, bowls, folding furniture, hammocks.

How to choose a supplier of fitness goods for a dropshipping store?

When choosing a supplier, you should pay attention to China, namely Aliexpress: inexpensive sportswear and shoes. The Chinese have no equal among various intelligent gadgets: sometimes they release new items earlier and more often than well-known brands.However, do not forget about the world-famous Amazon. It is perhaps the most popular supplier among dropshippers. A little less popular is Walmart. But even here, you can find great fitness products for your online store.

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Top 10 Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping in 2022

The most common dropshipping model is as follows: choose many low-cost products, and expect a large volume of sales. In our article, we will consider the opposite approach. It is the sale of high ticket goods. As the name implies, this is a sale of expensive goods. Below, we will look at what high ticket items are, what niches are best to choose, and give you tips for successful sales of high ticket dropshipping products.

There is no unambiguous definition of the term “high ticket item.” For ordinary trade, these are goods worth $1,000 or more. But in dropshipping, such products are rare.

Dropshippers are reluctant to take on this responsibility. Therefore, we will focus on goods worth at least $ 500. For dropshipping, this is quite a high price. As we know, the more expensive the product, the higher the profit from it. For more expensive goods than $ 500, the margin is about 35-40%. If you calculate that your profit from the sale of goods for $ 500 will be about $ 200, you must agree, this is cool!

For your high ticket product to be bought, it must be of value to buyers. It should be a product that people cannot do without! After all, no one will spend big money on useless things.

At the same time, too expensive goods and too cheap ones confuse buyers. If the price is too high, people will buy the same product cheaper than competitors. And a very cheap product raises the suspicion that it is made of low-quality materials, and I will be reluctant to buy such things.

Before adding high ticket listings to your store, consider many factors such as the type of product, its niche, and your target audience.

Let’s look at the less critical points when searching for and selling goods with a high ticket. Here are our tips for finding and matching products based on our customers’ experience.

The very first and straightforward recommendation is to filter by price. Use this option in the dropshipping program you are currently working with. Most dropshipping software has an option to search for listings by price. Set the desired price range and select the most profitable and popular products. To reduce competition, do not focus on the most popular categories. Instead, choose medium and low popularity niches since high competition is more significant than low popularity. Accordingly, the chance of buying goods from you becomes higher.

Check your potential supplier carefully.

Please pay attention to the seller’s rating and read his buyers’ reviews. If finances allow you, you can order his products to ensure their quality. If not, then study its sales history through its buyers in as much detail as possible. Be extremely careful and careful when choosing a supplier. Since we are dealing with expensive goods, the price of a mistake can be high!

Don’t get hung up on a single marketplace. If you are only dropshipping from Amazon, then consider other marketplaces. Aliexpress, Walmart, Home Depot are the markets that Easync works with. These stores have a good reputation and a wide variety of products. You will find high-quality, expensive goods for sale in your store here. But always remember the advice from the point above, about carefully checking the supplier.

Avoid suppliers focused solely on wholesale. For expensive dropshipping goods (as well as any), piece sales are much safer and more profitable. Don’t chase quantity. We deal with expensive goods, so even a single sale will bring you a good profit.

Google product search

It is correct to search for products, but not the most efficient. As a rule, Google gives out the most popular product categories. But we have already talked about this. High popularity means high competition. Therefore, search for products on Google, but analyze the competition. It is better to double-check Google’s advice on popular marketplaces. So we will understand whether it is worth selling the found product.

Visiting major offline stores

It is an excellent way to get familiar with the quality of your potential products. For example, you plan to sell large household appliances. Go to the corresponding store and consult with sellers, study the goods with your own eyes. Then find suppliers of those creatures that you like and sell them. It will allow you to be sure that you are selling a quality product.

Don’t chase brands.

Yes, many buyers will trust a well-known proven brand more than a fresh no-name. But there is another part of buyers who want to save a little and try new products.

Many unadvertised manufacturers produce excellent products! Your task is to attract buyers and let them know that these products are no worse than more expensive well-known brands. And then, positive reviews will do their job. Launch an advertising campaign on social networks to tell people about your product in a simple language they understand. An even more effective way to promote your products is to advertise on popular YouTube or TikTok bloggers. Of course, be guided by your budget, part of which you can spend on advertising.

When choosing high ticket items, always ask yourself: what benefit will this product bring to the buyer? Read forums and social networks, and comments on YouTube, focus on the current needs of your target audience. If the product’s benefit is evident, feel free to add it to your online dropshipping store.

Never rush to sell a particular product because it has high earning potential. Sometimes these items become useless after a short time and lose popularity. Some products may not be at the peak of popularity at the moment, but the demand for them will increase significantly in the future. Research the market and see if you can find products that will sell for years to come.

Best high ticket dropshipping niches.

With the development of the popularity of online shopping, more and more people buy goods in online stores. Buyers are beginning to trust online sellers more and not be afraid to buy more and more expensive goods. If you are not new to dropshipping, feel free to add higher-value products to your store. If you are starting to master the dropshipping business, we recommend choosing high ticket dropshipping products with a price tag as close to the average as possible. It also makes sense to add high ticket products with low-cost products to even out demand and sales.

We have highlighted the top 10 Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping in 2022. In our research, we were guided by the sales performance of Easync customers over the past 1.5 years. Therefore, we arranged the high ticket product niches by the popularity in the list, from the most popular to the least popular.

  • Large household appliances
  • Electronics
  • Car parts and accessories
  • Bicycles, electric scooters
  • Home and garden furniture
  • Sports goods
  • Professional equipment for photographers
  • Jewelry
  • Quadcopters, drones
  • Art objects, antiques

As you can see, some niches are related to people’s hobbies. Cameras, bicycles or quadcopters – these goods cost a lot, but people for whom this equipment is an essential part of their leisure time will be ready to pay well! Try to feel like an avid car dealer or a collector of rare furniture and select items for sale based on this. Rest assured, true connoisseurs of these products will find you.

Of course, you should not expect that the volume of sales of high ticket items will be the same as for cheaper goods. But, as we already mentioned above, the profit from the sale of even a single high ticket product is relatively high. It means that you will have enough money for advertising or, for example, expanding your online store. So focus on our list of top 10 high ticket dropshipping niches, and add products from these niches, but at a lower cost. We provide ourselves with a safety cushion because cheaper products are sold more often. It will even increase your total sales volume.

Pros and cons of high ticket dropshipping

As you know, any business model has obvious advantages but also pitfalls. However, if you can properly organize the sale of high ticket goods, you will get a good profit. Below we look at the pros and cons of dropshipping high ticket products.

As usual, let’s start with the good.

Advantages of dropshipping with high tickets

High ticket dropshipping has several great features:

  • Bigger profit. We have talked about it above—the more expensive the product, the greater the profit. But keep in mind that your profit should be no more and no less than 35-40% of the cost. Please don’t set the percentage too low, but don’t overestimate it either. Focus on this value. Agree it’s nice to get $150 in net profit from the sale of one product with an approximate cost of $500. Let’s compare this value with the profit of a cheap product, costing, for example, $20. So 30% profit, in this case, will be only 6 dollars. The choice is obvious.
  • It is much easier to sell one snowboard than 25 smartphone cases, given that you get the same profit. Hence the conclusion: high ticket products allow you to make fewer sales. And fewer sales means less customer interaction. We know that not every buyer is adequate. There are natural furies who strive to bring you to hysterics. It would help if you hardly had it. In addition, communication with buyers takes a lot of time. Therefore, prioritize minimal interaction with buyers. High ticket products will help you with this. Spend your energy and time on more valuable and exciting activities. At the same time, the quality of customer service will not decrease.
  • By earning more profits, you can invest your money in expanding your online store and growing faster. With a small number of customers, you can provide them with the highest level of service. On the other hand, if you have an established circle of loyal customers, you can invest more resources in quality personal marketing. All this makes it easier to optimize paid advertising to attract new customers.

Most of the dropshippers who prefer cheap goods are following the latest trends. But fashion is spontaneous, and it forces sellers to change the assortment of their online stores. So the competition will always be high selling popular hot items, especially if they are inexpensive.

Selling high ticket items is another story. There are no sharp fashion jumps in this area, which means that the goods will be at the top for a long time. At the same time, competition is significantly reduced. You may even consider creating your brand for your business. Thus, the sale of high ticket goods is more stable and reliable. In addition, you can open your online store and not just a store on a well-known marketplace.

We want to conclude our analysis of high ticket dropshipping products. But for a more complete and honest picture, let’s look at the disadvantages of this business model.

Disadvantages of High Ticket Dropshipping

With the good stuff out of the way, let’s look at some of the downsides of high ticket price dropshipping:

  • So, the first and most significant thing in selling high ticket goods is a higher threshold for entering the business. You may disagree because the dropshipping model assumes that you do not pay for the product until your buyer buys it. And it is true. But! You decide to sell an expensive product in a niche that is not at the top. You will need to advertise your store and attract as many buyers as possible.
  • Further, as you know, the first impression is the most important. So invest in an excellent design for your online store. According to statistics, if in the first 5 seconds a person likes what he sees, he will linger and, with a probability of 80%, will return.
  • The next unpleasant but essential point that cannot be left without attention is these risks during delivery. Unfortunately, sometimes docking services fail sellers by damaging or losing goods. Be prepared to reimburse buyers. Yes, the amount of a wallet or T-shirt is much lower, and the losses from such cheap goods will be much lower than from high ticket goods. It would not be very comfortable losing $2,000 on photo studio equipment. But let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you.
  • And the last difficulty in selling high ticket goods. It would be best if you had a well-thought-out customer acquisition strategy. After all, it is much easier to sell a product for $10 than a product for $1,000. Therefore, if you are new to dropshipping, you will have to put more effort into mastering an effective sales strategy. Start with cheaper items, gain enough experience, and sell goods with a high ticket.

We hope that our article will help you to choose the niche right for you. Easync is always here to help you to automate your online business!

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How do I increase Ebay selling limits?

Today, anyone who wants to start an e-commerce business can open an eBay store. It does not require an upfront investment. But the first thing you need to know about is eBay’s monthly selling limits. eBay charges a monthly fee for the number of items placed in your store. The fee depends on the price of your goods and the period when the listings are published on eBay. An eBay store is not much different from a regular online store. The only difference is that you are tied to the eBay marketplace and must follow specific rules. So an eBay store is the best start for business online.

Our article will talk about eBay selling limits and how to increase the eBay selling limits. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading!

eBay monthly selling limits: what are they and how to get around them?

Let’s answer the main question. Whatever one may say, e-commerce is built on trust between the supplier of goods and his buyer. It is an essential part of any deal. Every seller wants the buyer to come back again and again. eBay provides an excellent opportunity for sellers to demonstrate the reliability and integrity of their business, thereby decreasing their limits.

So, we come to the definition of the concept of limits. eBay sales limits, sometimes called sales quotas, are limits imposed by eBay on the number of listings that some sellers, especially new ones, can post. It is needed to protect customers from the possibility of fraud or the sale of counterfeit or stolen goods.

The limit starts at ten items per month for the new sellers on eBay. In this case, the amount you received from the sale of your goods should not exceed $500. “Too few!” – you would say. Yes, it is. But in this way, eBay strictly weeds out all sorts of fraudsters who want quick and easy enrichment by fraudulent means. But if you prove yourself as a decent and conscientious seller, eBay is always ready to meet you halfway.

To build a reputation as a good seller, you need to do more than sell quality products. You must ensure fast, reliable delivery, timely and polite communication with the buyer, readiness to answer all his questions, advise and help with the choice. In addition, it ensures a good customer review, which is an essential indicator of your reputation for both potential buyers and eBay.

We have prepared some helpful tips for you on increasing eBay’s selling limit to sell more goods and, accordingly, get more profit.

So, here they are:

1. Show that you are trustworthy.

We have already talked about this above. The most important thing here is positive customer feedback. It will be more difficult for beginners, but be sure. The game is worth the candle. After all, the more effort you put in initially, the faster you will get the desired result. Don’t be discouraged if shoppers opt for a more experienced seller. In any case, there will be your buyer among the millions of eBay visitors! The most important thing is not to disappoint them. You can only provide first-class service and be patient. We recommend that you start by selling small, inexpensive items. It will remove unnecessary responsibility from you and reduce risks. It is imperative to respond to customer messages promptly. This way, you show yourself to be a reliable and trustworthy seller. If the buyer decides to return the product, give him this opportunity. Having lost a small amount, you will make an invaluable contribution to your reputation in the future.

2. Monitor the quality of your listings.

It applies to a detailed product description, indicating all the necessary specifics and high-quality images. Then, post more high-quality images and create collages. Finally, the buyer needs to see what he will buy.

3. Keep track of the availability of the goods.

If you sell goods from your warehouse, carefully monitor the remaining amount. If you do dropship, then choose a service with a good repricing tool, which will promptly update information about the availability of goods from the supplier or about price changes for it. Easync Repricing tool works every, so the information about the product will always be up-to-date. Don’t waste your time. Automate your business with Easync!

4. Easync together with Aquiline made a new option for our users. You can set up a single location for all your orders. So that all your items are considered to be shipped from one place. Easync will increase your security and decrease the seller limit accordingly. It means, your eBay account is not detected as a Dropshippers.

5. Advertise your online business

Even if you don’t have an advertising budget, don’t despair. In our digital age, social media is an excellent advertising opportunity. Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook – these are crowds of people, and even running a regular account will attract a small but a kind of audience to you.

Let’s take a closer look at the topic of eBay selling limits.

eBay maintains a competent policy on working with sellers in such a way as to prevent any attempts to cheat. eBay imposes various types of limits. There are three types of them:

  • Limits per merchant account.
  • Limits for specific product categories
  • Limits for separate products

Let’s talk about each of them.

Limits per merchant account

As mentioned above, eBay gives new sellers a kind of trial period for 90 days. During this period (and not only during this period), eBay also has the right to verify your account and request any information that confirms your data. Also, in the first 90 days, it is forbidden to list such goods as cars, real estate, or expensive property on eBay. The cost of any of these products exceeds $500, which is an eBay monthly selling limit for a newbie. Sometimes eBay takes individual action against sellers. We depend on adherence to the rules and reputation.

How do seller account limits work?

You can add up to 10 listings to your eBay store. However, the product is included only upon a successful sale, and an unsold listing does not count towards the limit if it expires.

eBay has a “Good Till Canceled” option that automatically renews the listing. But if such a listing exceeds your limit, then eBay has the right to delete it.

eBay is primarily a customer-oriented service. Interestingly, the buyers purchase the desired product with joy and return it. Therefore, the limits can be weakened or toughened, depending on how the seller fulfills the specified eBay standards.

Limits for specific product categories

You have developed a reputation as a successful seller and have a high rating. You decide to expand your store’s range by adding new product categories; eBay can impose a limit on you by product category. There are several reasons for this:

  • you have never sold products in this category before;
  • you sold products in this category, but more than a year has passed since then;
  • the buyers have opened too many cases against you over the past year. Namely, more than 3% of your transactions ended with the initiation of a case.

Limits for separate products

Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of fake expensive goods in online sales, such as electronics, watches, designer clothes, and accessories. Therefore, if you decide to sell products with a high risk of counterfeiting, eBay will impose a restriction.

All eBay merchants are familiar with the concept of VERO (Verified Rights Owner). It is an eBay program that protects the authenticity of products and intellectual property rights. Such limits guarantee honesty towards customers and maintain eBay’s status as one of the most reliable trading platforms in the world market.

How to increase the eBay selling limit?

We have reiterated that eBay acts primarily in customers’ interests and is committed to providing honest, quality service. So, if you can prove that you are a reliable seller, eBay will probably remove the limits from you before the expiration of 90 days. To do this, you need successful sales and positive customer reviews.

As you understand, selling on eBay has its pros and cons. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Pros of selling on eBay.

1. High traffic

eBey is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. The approximate number of ebay buyers is almost 165 million! Imagine how many potential buyers visit eBay everyday searching for what they need. It is just a unique opportunity for your business. Of course, not all of them will become your customers. But some need your product. Thus, if you comply with ebay requirements, becoming eligible for lower limits, you can expand your store and make good profits.

2. Attracting new customers

The customer may accidentally stumble upon your products. And your goal is to provide him with a service at the highest level so that he wants to return. Thus, you will acquire a regular customer.

3. Marketplaces have more considerable trust among the buyers

Everyone can imagine themselves at the buyer’s place and understand how convenient it is to buy everything you need in one place. In addition to convenience, eBay cares about the rights of its customers, which is more credible than a private online store. Everyone wants to shop and be calm about their quality. eBay shopping saves time for busy people. All of these factors are so attractive to eBay buyers.

4. Easy to operate

Registering a seller account on eBay is more accessible than creating your online store. Just register on eBay and purchase a subscription that will allow you to manage your store. After that, you can immediately start adding listings to your store and start selling. You don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort. eBay has created a mobile application that makes managing the store even more accessible and convenient.

5. eBay protects sellers

Earlier, we talked about eBay protecting its buyers. Nevertheless, there are also unscrupulous buyers. If the buyer opens a case against the seller for no apparent reason, eBay will objectively consider each case and make a fair decision.

6. eBay communities are always supportive

The eBay community is excellent support for the newbie. However, if you are just getting started in the e-commerce business, you can learn how to grow your store from more experienced people. Use the discussion boards and Q&A on the forums and learn from the pros.

7. Various selling options

Only eBay offers sellers the option to auction their item or register it on a Buy Now list. No other marketplace in the world has such options.

8. eBay does not compete with sellers

eBay does not sell products in its marketplace, unlike Amazon. Accordingly, they have no incentive to compete with the seller by hiding your products.

However, as elsewhere, there are downsides to eBay. Let’s look at the pitfalls awaiting beginners and even seasoned business people.

Disadvantages of Selling on eBay.

1. The rules of the marketplace

The notorious limits that we talked about in our article can become a severe flaw in the seller’s work. As you know, eBay is a paid trading platform. Therefore, considering the limits, your profit may be small, and accordingly, eBay fees will also reduce your total profit. Therefore, before starting an eBay business, calculate the estimated costs and income. Once you do these calculations, you have a better idea of ​​whether eBay is the right sales channel.

2. Lack of complete control.

eBay is a self-employed company. Their goal is to attract buyers, not specifically to you, but to the site itself. Such a policy strongly affects the promotion of specific stores, hindering the ability to communicate with your customers and promote yourself. Besides, eBay sets the game’s rules, and you obey them. There is no guarantee that these rules will not change at the next moment in time or turn out to be unacceptable to you.

4. Big competition

Yes, you are not directly competing with eBay. But you are competing with other eBay sellers for buyers. It takes a lot of effort to be at the top.

5. Buyer quality

eBay often attracts customers with discounts and promotions. It means that buyers come to eBay hoping to save money. However, they are not willing to pay much. Therefore, if you are hoping to sell high-value items, eBay may not be the right platform for you.

6. Fast delivery requirement

eBay rewards sellers who offer same-day shipping to buyers. But not every seller has this opportunity. Moreover, especially if you are a dropshipper, you cannot always be sure about the speed of delivery services of your source market. Thus, if you cannot send parcels at that speed, you will find it challenging to achieve a high rating.

So now you have a complete picture of the eBay business. It is a great starting point for entrepreneurs looking to experiment with e-commerce. But it’s not a fact that over time, having gained experience, you do not want to open your online store.

Choose what is best for you. Then, if you decide to do dropshipping, Easync is always here to help you!

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Top 10 best products to sell on Shopify 2022

The popularity of online stores is constantly growing: in 2021, online sales grew by 45%. But unfortunately, it means that the competition between marketplaces has also intensified. Shopify has been the undisputed leader among online platforms for e-commerce for many years. In this article, we will talk about the best products to sell on Shopify and which business ideas for an online store in 2021 were relevant, and we will study the trends in online sales for 2022.

You act as an intermediary between a product supplier or customers in dropshipping. To become effective in this kind of business, you can use Easync. We offer all the essential functions for a successful online business, such as Repricing, AutoOrdering, Auto-Tracking, and tracking conversion to Aqualine.

Among the features of dropshipping, we highlight:

  • Product information on your site may be out of date. For the price to be always up-to-date, you need a regularly working repricing. Easync will help you with this;
  • The supplier does not always promptly report the availability, composition, and quality of the goods. You can quickly solve this problem with our repricing tool;
  • There is no complete control over the transaction. If the client is dissatisfied with the quality of the product or delivery, you will need to deal with this.

The advantages of a dropshipping store allow you to realize almost any idea, even a beginner:

  • No need to invest in the purchase of goods and their storage.
  • Delivery is the responsibility of the supplier.

While choosing the Shopify best selling products, consider the following principles:

  • Personal interest. A person cannot professionally understand several areas of life. To create a profitable business, you need to understand the niche, be interested in new products in the field and constantly develop your knowledge.
  • Target market. The presence of demand and target audience for the idea will increase sales quickly. However, if there is no demand for a product, then the accompanying characteristics, for example, quality, price, advertising, will not save the business.
  • Niche opportunities. You can develop an online business in a niche with low or high competition. Business owners prefer a market with no competitors, anticipating rapid sales growth. We recommend paying attention also to those niches where there are competitors, but there are few of them.
  • Possibility of growth. When choosing the best things to sell on Shopify in 2021, 2022, or any other year, assess the future growth and development of the industry.
  • The cost of the average check. When choosing things to sell in your Shopify store, look for the option with the highest average check.
  • Seasonality. Some business ideas only turn out to be profitable at certain times of the year – for example, Christmas decorations and gifts. So if you want to work with seasonal products, think about what you will sell on Shopify when there is no demand.

Let’s analyze trends: the best products to sell on Shopify in 2021 and what will be on sale in 2022.

We offer using special tools for checking the demand for different goods:

  • Market research and statistics. Look for information on the websites of analytical companies about which online stores are in demand and which products are bought by consumers.
  • Google Trends service. This service shows the dynamics and the number of requests to Google and YouTube over the past year.
  • Sites of ads and social networks. A large number of users are browsing such resources. These resources will help you understand the best things to sell on Shopify based on demand. If you’re selling products in a unique niche, keep in mind that you’ll have to work harder to attract customers.

We have explored the best ideas, and now we will make it easier for you and tell you about Shopify’s best-selling products.


Several niches in this segment:

  • Large home appliances;
  • Small household appliances;
  • Digital technology and accessories;
  • Computer technology.

Category advantages:

  • The technique is used everywhere: at home, in the office, in production.
  • High demand. People strive for more comfort and convenience.
  • Innovative developments appear every year, so there is always a demand.
  • Appliances break down, and buyers will return.

Newbie tips to stand out from large companies:

  • Concentrate on a narrow niche and focus on various models, brands, and accessories.
  • Analyze competitors: assortment, prices, site features, service.
  • Make your Shopify store something special and delight your customers. You can do it by:

* Gifts for orders.

* Branded packaging of goods.

* New items that competitors do not yet have.

* Flexible system of return and exchange of goods.

* Special programs for regular customers.

Any pleasant little thing concerning the client can become decisive in the struggle for buyers.

So let’s take a closer look at several niches in the segment.

Large home appliances

It can be difficult for a beginner to realize himself in this niche. You need to invest a lot of money in the assortment, storage, and equipment transportation. If you manage to put a low price in an online store, the total cost with associated costs may be higher than the store price. Therefore, the leaders in the sale of large household appliances remain large retail chains, which have the necessary resources to buy, store and deliver. However, dropshipping is a way out for a beginner in this niche.

Small household appliances

Small appliances will top the top-selling products online. Buyers choose online stores because the assortment is more extensive, and the price is 20-40% lower than in physical retail outlets.

Large network companies are already operating in this segment. Some of them have established themselves in niches over the years. It can be difficult for a newbie to find a vacant niche in this market. But if you want to shop with such an idea, use our recommendations:

  • Keep prices lower than competitors.
  • Offer analogs of well-known brands at an affordable price.
  • Concentrate on providing additional services: delivery, installation, service.

Digital technology and accessories

The main arguments for buying phones and tablets online are a wide assortment, the convenience of evaluating technical characteristics, and the price is 20-40% lower than in an electronics store. In addition, famous brands remain the top sellers in this category. Therefore, the competition in the niche is very high. The markup on goods is not more than 6-10%.

Here are Shopify product ideas for the best-selling products in this niche: cases, headsets, earphones, chargers, screen protectors, and holders. They can have a 150-200% markup, so selling accessories is better.

In 2020-2021, due to the pandemic, many people switched to remote work or spent a lot of time at home. Therefore, sales of household appliances that make housework easier – robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, bread makers, and entertainment equipment – game consoles and widescreen TVs – have grown significantly.

Let’s discuss the other best things to sell on Shopify.

In addition to household and electronic appliances, we include the following product categories in our list:

  • Food.
  • Cosmetics and personal hygiene products.
  • Household products.
  • Products for a garden, a summer residence, and a vegetable garden.
  • Baby products.
  • Clothes and footwear.
  • Goods for sports and outdoor activities.

Customer loyalty in this segment is earned through:

  • Large and unique assortment in one place.
  • Fast, reliable delivery
  • Convenient payment methods.
  • Promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.

The most challenging thing in this segment is to open a food store:

  • A simple business option is to become an intermediary and deliver goods to customers from large retail outlets. Looking for:
  • Contracts with suppliers.
  • Transport with a thermal body for the delivery of products.
  • The more challenging option is to create your online store. In addition to suppliers and transport, you need:
  • Warehouse or workshop that meets sanitary specifications.
  • Refrigeration equipment for storing goods.
  • License to sell alcoholic products if you plan to sell them.

Let’s consider several niches in detail.


Online food demand grew 49% in 2020-2021. But in this niche, competition is online resources and supermarkets and small stores. So it would help if you chose your target audience to reduce competition carefully. Here the primary users are:

  • Vegetarians, healthy people, consumers of eco-products.
  • Busy people who don’t have time to cook or go to supermarkets.
  • Customers who need ready-to-eat food delivery.

There is a niche where online grocery stores generally outperform regular points of sale. It is the sale of elite varieties of coffee and tea. The high price tag clearly defines the target audience. Advantages: great potential for re-sales and no analogs in supermarkets.

Cosmetics and personal care products

The primary target audience is women. Sell ​​makeup, daily cosmetics, and perfumes. Gift sets of cosmetics and manicure tools are popular. Buyers are guided by reviews of friends, brands, and personal experiences.

You can develop your brand in this niche and conduct master classes for women.

In 2022 people will continue to buy protective equipment – medical masks, gloves, and sanitizers. You can still place yourself in this niche by offering quality items at a low price. After all, many sellers speculate on increased demand and deliberately inflate prices for these goods. Be honest and take care of your customers.

Household products

A broad product category in which you can apply different strategies. For example:

  • Sell products of the same brand.
  • Specialize in a specific type of product.
  • Offer users different types of products.

Cookware and kitchenware are some of the trending product categories of 2021. There is demand for goods with a low price and expensive products with high quality among household goods. The target audience is broad here.

Products for a garden, a summer residence, and a vegetable garden

Online sales of gardening goods increased by 38%. According to data from significant marketplaces such as Amazon and Aliexpress, customers bought everything from seeds to mini-harvesters. But remember that this is a seasonal niche with a peak in early spring and summer.

Baby products

Parents don’t have time to go shopping. Therefore, they order the goods they need online. Customers choose products in this category with extreme caution. Parents must check:

  • Quality and safety
  • Availability of hygiene certificates
  • Possibilities of return.

You can find the best products for your Shopify store in this category in this article baby products

Clothes and footwear

Clothes and shoes are on the list of best-selling items online. Products of popular brands that are familiar to users are in demand. Usually, the buyer knows precisely his size without trying on and understands the quality of the product. Women’s and children’s clothing is in greater demand than men’s.

Pay attention to the accessories. If you choose this niche, remember about fashion trends and the constant updating of the assortment. Do not buy a product for which there will be no demand.

Goods for sports and outdoor activities

A healthy lifestyle has been in trend in recent years, so the sporting goods market is developing steadily. To work in this segment, understand the specifics and characteristics of the products. It applies to such possible products of the category: sportswear and footwear, equipment, inventory and exercise equipment, sports nutrition, fitness gadgets. Follow the lifestyle and sports fashions to offer products that match the demand. For example, baseball/softball, skateboarding, karate, rock climbing, and surfing exist in the Olympic Games program in 2020. It means that the popularity of these sports will grow.

Handmade and art

Everything that is done by hand can be attributed to this segment. Buyers are attracted by the uniqueness of the author’s work. Business is possible in several formats:

  • You are an author and sell your work.
  • You find artisans and resell their work.

Sell ​​whatever comes to your mind, such as jewelry, home furnishings, dishes, clothing, paintings and sculptures, toys, home preserves, and desserts.

Look for masters on social networks and thematic sites: Instagram, Craft, Etsy, Facebook.

In addition, the city’s handmade fairs are a great source of craftsmen.

How to make your handmade online store enjoyable:

  • Goods made from unusual materials.
  • Non-standard services. For example, an artist at home or conducting masterclasses.

Handmade goods

It is a good option if you are making handmade goods yourself. You can supplement the site with the products of other masters. It will be easy for a beginner here – this is an Internet business with minimal investment. In addition to finished products, sell raw materials, materials, and tools – this is popular with artisans.

Expand your assortment with hobbies and creative products.

Individual tailoring

The quality of mass-market clothing is falling while the price is rising. Therefore, the demand for individual tailoring of high-quality fabrics is increasing.

In the attachments, you will need a sewing machine, the ability to use it, or a sewist. You can also create a custom tailor shop for selling on Shopify.

How to find a unique idea for a Shopify store

Our recommendations for finding a whole idea for an online business:

  • Think about what you already have. Before looking online, think about what you already have. An unfinished business plan, notes on your phone – all of these can help. Think about what you or your friends are passionate about, what is bothering you, and how you solve it.
  • Terrain analysis. Find out what the trends are in retail sales in your city. Next, study what establishments and goods demand what new and exciting shops offer. Then, analyze and adapt exciting products for your online store.
  • Consumer trends. Check out the major online publications on user preferences and consumer trends. Such resources introduce new products and directions that you have not heard of before. In addition, it helps you come up with your unique products for online sales.
  • Kings of the market. If you already know a niche, look for initiators of new trends in your chosen industry. Track leaders on social networks get inspired by their ideas.
  • Reviews of new products and trends. New product review sites are a good source of inspiration and idea generators for your business. Explore large and famous sites and industry review resources.
  • Social online directories. Image collection sites like Pinterest are good sources of ideas. Many of the photos contain unique products and products. Also, the popularity of products can be judged by user reviews on social networks.
  • Online markets. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress are sources for promising product ideas for an online store. Also, explore major online auctions and popular retail sites.
  • Instagram. Browse photos for trends. Analyze the interest of users in certain products by analyzing hashtags. Explore accounts that track trends and publish product reviews.

What is the convenience of the Shopify store:

  • Website launch is faster than opening an actual store.
  • The audience is not limited to just one city. Deliver goods within the territory of one country or around the world.
  • Many processes are automated. It means less time needs to be spent on documentation, analysis, and audit.
  • No need to spend money on-premises for a store, expensive trade equipment, utilities, a large staff, security.

There are many ideas that even beginners on a modest budget implement into a small online store. Remember that if you are well versed in the idea you are implementing, the online store has a better chance of success. We hope our article helped choose Shopify best selling products.

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What does open box mean and Should You Buy It?

Have you ever encountered a situation when, having received the goods, you open the box and understand that you don’t need it? Probably, yes. Spontaneous purchases, especially during large sales, often cause impulsive purchases. Major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have come up with a great way to help customers in this case. They provide 30-90 days to return the item and get a full refund.

Before we dive in, let’s understand What does Used Like New mean from Amazon?

Used – Like New : An item in perfect working condition. Original protective wrapping may be missing. The original packaging may have minor damage, or the item may come repackaged. Package damage is clearly defined for each item.

Used –Very Good : The item has seen limited use and remains in good working condition.

On Amazon is “Used like new” worth Selling as dropshipping?

The products pass Amazon’s quality check and only then they are available to customers. You really get value for money, items and scale your profit.

On the one hand, it is customer-oriented, and customers are always satisfied. But marketplaces are the losers in this case. The markets began to sell used goods, not to be at a loss. So different categories of goods appeared, depending on their condition. Naturally, the cost of returned goods is several times lower than new ones. The most demanded category is an Open box. As the name implies, this is a product with open packaging.

At the same time, the product is brand new. It is in perfect condition. But since this is an open box, the product is already used and, accordingly, its price falls. Many eBay buyers are using this option successfully and making super bargains.

More than 80% of Open box products are opened by the first owners solely for the sake of curiosity. Often people open the package already knowing that they will return the goods.

The most popular goods in the Open box category are electronics and household appliances. The second place in popularity is children’s goods.

TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and game consoles and accessories are returning to Amazon. After returning to Amazon, the product receives an automatic 30-40% discount.

Some buyers return items if they don’t like the color or shape. As a result, the most prominent experts in the trade advise buying Open box products after Black Friday or Christmas (New Year’s Day). This period is the only one when customers can buy goods below the purchase price. Even the supermarket won’t make a dime on the special offer.

An Open box is a great way to boost your eBay dropshipping sales.

Discounts work like this: let’s say that the laptop initially cost $1,000. As part of the promotion, it lost $300 in price and was sold for $700. But to sell the returned copy, the store needs to reduce the cost of the goods relative to the selling price – this is how a fabulous computer loses another 40-50% in price. In total, its cost will be only $350 – less than half of the initial price.

Amazon, as well as eBay, has its Open box category. Most often, it is called “Like new.” In addition to this, there are other categories on Amazon. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The division of not new or damaged Amazon goods into categories from best to worst:

New (New) – means that the item is brand new. These products usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This information is indicated in the product card. At the same time, the packaging of the goods is intact and not opened. Amazon offers the Frustration-Free Packaging option, a more compact package from Amazon itself.

Renewed (Updated) – goods returned to Amazon after use or were initially defective. Amazon has repaired and tested the operability of the goods. So they look “Like new”. However, minor chips or damage may occur. Accessories may not be original. Amazon provides a 90-day return policy for Renewed items for such an item. For some products, Amazon provides a Renewed Guarantee. Used and Open box items are often placed in the Renewed category.

Used – Like New or Open Box – Item in excellent working condition. Like new usually means very little damage to the packaging or an unjustified return. However, the original packaging may be missing. Screen protectors and cords are also often missing. An instruction manual may be included, but not always. Sometimes Amazon offers to use electronic instructions.

Used – Very Good (Used in excellent condition) – a product that is close to Like new, but the product’s condition will be slightly worse. Some accessories may be missing. Non-critical damage to the packaging scratches on the surfaces of goods or snags on textiles is possible, which affects the performance of the goods. The packaging is either damaged or replaced with Amazon packaging. All information about damage or missing accessories is indicated in the listing details.

Used – Good (Used in good condition). Cosmetic flaws are already much more noticeable. Probably something is pressed in, or a decorative part is broken. This item has been in constant use and shows signs of wear. The packaging is also damaged or replaced. The difference from Very Good is in the general condition of the goods. It is more worn and damaged. Some parts and accessories or manuals may be missing.

Used – Acceptable – The item is in working condition but visibly worn. There are scratches, chips, spots. There are clear signs of previous long-term use. In general, Acceptable is a category in which goods are usable but with significant defects. For example, a thermal mug with a hole or a tablet with inconspicuous wear is possible – there is no chance to predict.

The store assures that it does not sell unusable products and carefully checks them. A sticker or tape guarantees this with the word “Amazon inspected” directly on the product’s packaging. But still, advise you not to play the lottery and choose things from the Very Good and Like New categories to add to your eBay dropshipping store.

Especially for Easync users, we have added a section to select these categories when adding listings.

We will pay special attention to the category Refurbished (renewed)

It included previously used items (turned on and didn’t work; opened, turned on, changed their minds; broke on someday) and returned to Amazon. They fall into the “Amazon Renewed” section. After the product has fallen into the hands of its employees, it is qualitatively repaired, cleaned, eliminated defects, and put up for sale. The Renewed logo in the listing description speaks for itself. These are refurbished items. The name of the refurbished products will have the inscription – Certified Refurbished. Note that the Refurbished products can be returned to Amazon in the same way as a new one.

How do you know if an Amazon Open box listing is proper for you to add to your eBay dropshipping store?

To do this, study the information in the “Condition” column on the listing page. Then, for more information, click on the “Details” link, which is located next to the status column. Often these blocks are filled with different details so that the information may differ.

The difference between Refurbished (Renewed) and Used products is that Amazon employees take some responsibility for the renewed goods. They were repaired or upgraded and again hit the market with a good discount. Yes, their quality will be lower than new products, but the cost is much lower. Used goods are those goods that came to Amazon from buyers. Amazon does not manipulate such products but only evaluates their quality and assigns the appropriate subcategory.

eBay as well as Amazon vouchers for Refurbished items. The essence is the same, only the name differs. However, it is worth paying attention to the one engaged in the repair – the manufacturer or the seller. Often sellers indicate manufacturer refurbished (refurbished by the manufacturer), while the goods are repaired by the seller (seller refurbished).

Refurbished items are cheaper than new and unused items. Therefore, they are much more willing to buy, albeit with a bit of caution. Nevertheless, we are still inclined to believe that you should pay attention to the categories of goods described above when doing dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

People love discounts, promotions, savings, and bargains. If your reputation as a seller on eBay is high enough, then buyers are more likely to buy non-new products from you. You, as a dropshipper, in turn, need to look for a supplier of goods on Amazon very carefully. Below we will discuss what signs you should be guided by when choosing products on Amazon.

What to choose: Open box or Refurbished items?

Many Amazon sellers claim that the Renewed and the Open box are identical products, and there is no difference between them. But it is not so because these items are not interchangeable. Renewed goods are usually broken or defective goods. Yes, they were put in order and repaired, checked. But not the fact that they will work properly. And Open box goods have never been broken. In most cases, nobody has ever used these items. That is, their quality is beyond question.

Buyers can get lucky with any goods. But as statistics show, Open boxes are more popular.

Before adding Amazon Open box products to your eBay store, pay attention to the following points.

  • A return policy. You need to be sure that your customers will return the goods if they wish. Amazon usually has no problem with returns. However, some items are non-returnable. It is also essential that the return is free. Sometimes Amazon only provides paid labels for returns. Take care of this in advance so as not to lose money.
  • A product warranty. Often Amazon gives a guarantee for Renewed or Used products. But there is also the reverse situation. Pay attention only to listings with a guarantee.

It would be ideal for clarifying the reason for the return. Ask your Amazon supplier for this information. It will tell you a lot about the condition of the item.

Study the product photos on the listing page as carefully as possible, especially for Used listings. So you will understand how much the product has worn out and whether there are significant external defects. If the photos on the site are not enough for you, contact the supplier and ask him to send you more high-quality product photos. It will help you and your potential buyers. And therefore, it will have a beneficial effect on your reputation as a seller.

Make sure that the product has all the necessary components and accessories, as well as an instruction manual. If an electronic version can often replace the instructions, you will have to supply the buyer with cables and similar parts at your expense. And this can reduce your profits.

Easync team has one more tip for you: focus on the item’s value. Don’t go for too significant discounts. It may raise the suspicion that the product is badly damaged. Often the discount is not worth the risk and lost money.

Of course, the buyer can return the goods, but this will most likely negatively affect your reputation as an eBay seller.

If at least one of the points listed above makes you uncertain, it is better not to take risks and not add the listing to your store. The lack of a return option may be a warning to you since the Amazon supplier may not be sure of the quality of the goods initially and therefore charged too low a value for him, compensating for the impossibility of a return.

If the same product is in Open-box and Used, choose Open box. It, though small, is a guarantee that the product has not been used.

The biggest reason to consider the open box option is cost. However, be sure to check out this discount before purchasing. There is always some risk of receiving a damaged item, so if the discount is not great (or there is no return policy), you might want to reconsider. On the other hand, since the products can be brand new, they can be a great buy – and as long as the return policy is in place, there’s not a lot of risks when buying in an Open box.

Open box products can bring your customers a discount of up to 20% and a good profit. As we said earlier, the most popular products in this category are electronics and home appliances. Their cost is rather considerable, which means that the percentage of your margin will be significant.