AutoDS Reviews: definitely the best tool for Dropshipping?


The features of both and AutoDS will improve your eBay dropshipping business by making it efficient, growing, and competitive. However, choosing the best one can be complicated, so in this article, we’ve compared and AutoDS to help you pick the platform that’s the most suitable for your business.

Overview of and AutoDS

Among the automation solutions for eBay dropshipping, ranks at the top. It facilitates product sourcing so that users can put up online stores across various selling platforms like eBay and Wikimart (Shopify coming soon). By going through all the necessary stages of organizing one’s dropshipping business, becomes an invaluable tool. Through it, you can identify leading products, automate sales activities, and optimize suppliers while making the most profit possible.


Contrarily, AutoDS is the most popular software that can assist you in commencing and enhancing your dropshipping venture. The all-in-one dropshipping solution of AutoDS will aid you in making your dropshipping experience easier, identifying the best dropshipping items, and researching private suppliers.

AutoDS vs. AutoDS: Feature Comparison Features

  • Smart Product Identification. With the Finder tool on, you can easily find high-demand dropshipping products for your online store. It allows you to filter through different markets and even add more resources while narrowing down your niche on multiple levels. As a result, you will never be short of the top commodities in the market for your clients.
  • Dropshipping Supplier Analysis and Order Processing. comes in handy after identifying the source and target markets as well as the products; it helps to locate and evaluate dropshipping suppliers. Users can go through the available quantities, and delivery options of the goods as well as properly arrange order processing. With a single click, orders can be sent straight to the right vendor so that the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • 24/7 Automated Updates. Receive automated updates on inventory, profits, orders, and tracking all day long. As soon as you have configured your source markets as well as products, the automation tool of will take care of everything for you. This way, it will be possible for your listing information to remain current at all times, keeping you competitive.
  • Access to Extensive Marketplaces. With its support for more than 99 source and target marketplaces, ensures that users have many alternatives when it comes to running their dropshipping business. Users can take advantage of this wide coverage to locate appropriate dropshipping answers that suit the requirements and opportunities of every market.
  • Order Fulfillment Tracking and Profit Monitoring. Users can monitor the number of fulfilled orders and track their profits daily through their accounts. This feature is vital for business growth, allowing users to plan their marketing strategies effectively and manage multiple dropshipping stores from a single account.
  • Centralized Shipment Organization. allows you to enhance the credibility of your store by shipping every order from one place. To make customer loyalty even better, work on favorable delivery conditions, unique gift packaging, and additional freebies.

AutoDS Features

  • Product Research. In the AutoDS marketplace, there are more than eight million commodities that come from private and retail AutoDS suppliers. Moreover, for a $14.97 extra monthly fee, there is also an AutoDS Products Finding Hub available, which is a curated list of winning products that are selected by the AutoDS team.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment. The AutoDS order fulfillment feature means that whenever a client buys from your dropshipping store, you don’t have to manually send the order details to the supplier; this is done automatically. After that, the supplier mails the orders to your clients and provides confirmation of deliveries and tracking numbers.
  • Product Importer . Your products can be easily imported from the supplier to your store. It is possible to upload products in bulk or schedule imports, so there is no need for you to spend much time creating product listings manually.
  • Price and Stock Monitoring . Ensure that you maximize your profits by staying ahead of your pricing. AutoDS keeps track of your product prices and updates them whenever it detects any changes on the supplier’s website.
  • AutoDS Chrome Extension. Adding products to your dropshipping store is made easier by the AutoDS Chrome Extension. It enables you to import products from different supplier sites easily and quickly straight to your store. vs. AutoDS: Pricing and Plans Pricing Plans

  • 7-day totally free Progressive trial
  • The lowest priced plan is Starter for $49.99/month
  • The highest priced plan is Business for $159.99/month, and Custom plan can start from $199
  • With an annual discount, you get 20% off
Features Starter Progressive Advanced Expert Premium Business
Product Lister $49.99/month or $39/year $65.99/month or $52/year $79.99/month or $63/year $99.99/month or $79/year $119.99/month or $95/year $159.99/month or $127/year
Finder 2000 3000 4000 5000 7500 10000
Automatic Ordering 200 300 400 500 750 1000
Aquiline Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fulfilment by Easync Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hot Items & Finder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

AutoDS Pricing Plans

  • 14-day trial for $1
  • The lowest priced plan is Import 200 for $12.90/month
  • The highest priced plan is Advanced 800 for $43.90/month. However, it depends on the number of products (for instance, with Master 100K, it can be $3120/month)
  • If billed annually, you can save 25%
Features Import 200 Starter 400 Advanced 800
Pricing $12.90/month or $9.90/year $23.90/month or $17.90/year $43.90/month or $32.90/year
Product Importer 200 Products 400 Products (Including Importer, Price & Stock Monitor) 800 Products (Including Importer, Price & Stock Monitor)
Multiple Store Integration and Management No Yes Yes
Bulk Products Importing No Yes Yes
Scheduled Uploads No Yes Yes
AutoDS Finder No Yes Yes
Recurring Uploads No Yes Yes
Automatic Price Optimization No Yes Yes
Multiple suppliers products builder No Yes Yes
Customer Support Management No Yes Yes
Cases & Returns Management No Yes Yes
Multiple stores Management No Yes Yes
Automatic messages to the buyers No Yes Yes
VIP Live Chat Support Available No No Yes
VIP Tickets Support No No Yes

It’s worth noting that features like Product Research Tool, Draft Manager, Order Manager, Product Variation Support, Full Products Management System, Full Insights Dashboard, Manual (Non-API) Supported, Automated Orders Supported, Fulfilled by AutoDS Service Supported, Automatic Tracking Updates Supported, Print on Demand, 24/7 Support, Full Business Overview Dashboard, All Supported AutoDS suppliers, and the Extension: ‘One-Click Drafts’ Creator are available across all pricing plans, so they’re not included in the table.

If you want to import more than 800 products, there are several Master plans that allow you to select a custom number of imports. The features are the same as the Advanced 800 plan, but the price increases based on the number of product imports. and AutoDS: Customer Service and AutoDS are well-known for their proper client support services. They both give priority to the satisfaction of their users through timely and complete help provided to customers but in a different manner. Here is an overview: Customer Service Help Center:
At the Help Center, users will find important information provided by the Team such as tips and solutions. This is the first place you come to whenever you experience any problem or would like some instructions about using the platform properly and keeping in touch with all updates and improvements. The Help Center is meticulously curated to address a good selection of topics so you have access to the information you need, precisely when you need it.


Live Chat Support:
Live chat support is available instantly on your account for any urgent requirements. By using the live chat function, you can communicate with the customer service representative instantly, so that your questions will be answered without delay. It takes less than 20 minutes for the team to get back to you with the assurance of keeping your work flow at a minimum disturbance.


AutoDS Customer Service

The level of AutoDS customer support varies depending on the plan you choose. Here’s an overview of the support options available:

Import 200 Plan:

  • Users subscribed to the Import 200 Plan benefit from 24/7 AutoDS customer support.

Starter 400 Plan:

  • Similar to the Import 200 Plan, subscribers to the Starter 400 Plan get 24/7 support.

Advanced 800 Plan and Master Plan:

  • The Advanced 800 Plan and the Master Plan elevate the support experience by offering VIP Live Chat support. With this feature, users gain access to a priority channel for seeking assistance through live chat.
  • VIP AutoDS customer support signifies that queries from Advanced 800 and Master Plan subscribers are prioritized over those from users on other plans.

AutoDS vs. AutoDS: User Reviews

Insights from users are important in analyzing tools such as and AutoDS for eBay dropshipping. AutoDS  and reviews can help prospective users determine the most appropriate tool for them, depending on its characteristics and ease of use. Reviews earns praise for its seamless order management and comprehensive market analysis tools. Users highlight Easync’s convenience as a standout feature, noting its superiority over other services they’ve tried. The ability to efficiently handle inventory tracking and navigate through an intuitive interface sets apart from competitors like AutoDS. Moreover, users express satisfaction with the level of support provided, emphasizing its reliability. The Finder tool within is particularly lauded for its capability to identify trending items.



AutoDS Reviews

Users express a desire for greater flexibility in payment options and suggest integrating more user-friendly platforms like PayPal for auto-fulfillment instead of Payoneer. While acknowledging AutoDS’s competence as a tool, users highlight occasional confusion with its settings. They suggest streamlining its interface for enhanced usability. Additionally, many users complain that AutoDS charges their subscription for the year upfront after the end of the trial. If you’re curious about how to cancel an AutoDS subscription, you’ll need to deal with the support team because the process is not intuitive.



Summary: Which Platform is Better?

Both and AutoDS offer comprehensive solutions for dropshipping businesses, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Specifically, excels in eBay dropshipping with its robust automation features and extensive product sourcing capabilities. On the other hand, AutoDS stands out for its integrated marketplace and scalability support across various platforms. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on individual requirements, budget considerations, and preferred features.


Is or AutoDS better for beginners in dropshipping? is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for newcomers. AutoDS provides more advanced features, and even though there are many educational resources. Therefore it’s more suitable for advanced users because it can seem confusing to beginners.

Can I integrate and AutoDS with multiple e-commerce platforms?

Certainly, integration with various e-commerce platforms is possible in and AutoDS. These tools allow you to control your dropshipping business on different platforms simultaneously. With this flexibility, you can target more customers. Additionally, you can explore different ways of selling to increase revenues.

Can I try and AutoDS before committing to a subscription?

There are trial versions of and AutoDS that users can employ to determine if the given platform is suitable for them. For $1, AutoDS offers a two-week trial period. During this time, you can test all its functionalities and see if it works well with your dropshipping store. In the same way, provides a seven-day free Progressive trial. This allows you to experience its automation tools and product research capabilities firsthand.

Can I use both and AutoDS simultaneously?

Technically, if you realize that the combination of the two tools is advantageous to your business. It is possible to utilize them both at the same time. Nonetheless, it is redundant and more expensive. It would be better to select the most appropriate instrument depending on their features and what you specifically require.


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