SaleFreaks vs. Which Tool is Better for Dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a profitable business model in e-commerce that enables business people to create money-making enterprises without having to invest too much. Among the many tools present for making dropshipping operations easier, SaleFreaks and both claim to evolutionize the way sellers conduct their business on platforms like Amazon and eBay. Every entrepreneur looks for ways of enhancing efficiency so that they can earn maximum profits. Therefore, the question arises: which automation tool is better in the competitive landscape of dropshipping?

SaleFreaks Overview

SaleFreaks, founded in 2010, is a comprehensive dropshipping platform facilitating seamless sales from Amazon to eBay. With full automation capabilities for both API and non-API users, it enables 24/7 sales on autopilot. Beyond automation, SaleFreaks provides free training resources, including courses and live sessions, catering to all levels of eBay sellers. Its advanced features streamline product sourcing, listing creation, order fulfillment, and customer support. By integrating Amazon and eBay, it ensures smooth operations and prevents overselling.

SaleFreaks Overview

The complexity of beginning and running eBay or Amazon dropshipping business is made easier with You can stay informed about stock, sales, money flow, as well as orders progress all day long with its 24/7 updated software. By using this tool, clients do not have to keep on checking everything manually. Moreover, the tool reveals hot selling items and provides real time critical product information that aid in decision making and business optimization. With easy setup and a focus on automation, streamlines the complexities of dropshipping, allowing users to focus on growth.


SaleFreaks vs. Feature Comparison

The dropshipping tools by SaleFreaks and have the same goal of making work more efficient and profitable for their customers. Below is an overview of some features of the two platforms:

Product Discovery and Research

  • SaleFreaks: SaleFreaks offers a Bulk Importing Tool, allowing users to migrate products and accounts from one store to another easily. Users can also find hot-selling items from other stores, create CSV files, and upload them to their store.
  • provides a Finder tool to discover profitable products by analyzing sales, reviews, and estimated profits on popular marketplaces. This feature helps beginning dropshippers find bestsellers.

Automation and Order Processing

  • SaleFreaks: SaleFreaks emphasizes a Fully Automated, Hands-Free Order & Fulfillment Tool. It automates the order fulfillment process for eBay customers, reducing time and potential mistakes. It includes a significant amount of ‘free orders’ in every package.
  • streamlines operations with automation by allowing users to analyze available options for product delivery, available quantities, and order processing. With one click, users can redirect new orders to the required supplier.

Price Monitoring and Repricing

  • SaleFreaks: SaleFreaks features a Stock Price Monitoring & Repricing Engine, ensuring prices are monitored and adjusted to maintain profit margins across platforms. It automatically checks for ‘out of stock’ issues.
  • focuses on optimizing sales with data-driven strategies across various e-commerce platforms. It provides solutions for price optimization and suggests dropshipping solutions tailored to different marketplaces.

Profit Tracking and Management

  • SaleFreaks: SaleFreaks offers profit tracking and management features within the platform. Users can monitor their costs and profits, with a focus on maintaining control over expenses.
  • allows users to maximize profits effortlessly by providing daily reports on fulfilled orders and profits. Users can compare multiple dropshipping stores within one account and plan their marketing strategies accordingly.

Multiple Accounts Management

  • SaleFreaks: Users of SaleFreaks can control numerous eBay and Amazon accounts with ease. With this scalability feature, users can easily grow their dropshipping business rapidly and without having to worry about account limitations.
  • At Easync. io, users can easily fulfill orders on Amazon even if they do not have many Amazon accounts created. It is possible for users to satisfy numerous Amazon orders without managing individual accounts. Accounts are created automatically by, mimicking real users, so that everything goes smoothly and there are no issues with regard to Amazon.

Pricing Structure SaleFreaks vs.


  • Free Trial: SaleFreaks offers a 7-day trial period for 1$, during which users can explore the platform and a certain plan.
  • Flexible Plans: SaleFreaks provides flexibility in its pricing by allowing users to tailor their plans based on the number of listings required per month. Additionally, users can choose whether to utilize the Automatic Ordering and Shipping feature, which affects the plan’s cost. Here are some of them:
      • Beginner Plan: $39 per month for 500 listings.
      • Intermediate Plan: $129 per month for 2500 listings.
      • Empire Plan: $2,899 per month for 100,000 listings (the biggest package), catering to high-volume sellers.


  • Free Trial: provides a 7-day totally free Progressive trial, allowing users to test out the platform’s features before making a commitment.
  • Annual Discount: offers a 20% discount on subscription fees for users who opt for an annual payment plan, providing additional savings for long-term users.
  • Pricing Tiers: offers a range of pricing tiers to accommodate different business sizes and requirements. The plans are as follows:
      • Starter Plan: $49.99/month for 2000 listings, suitable for beginners or small-scale operations.
      • Progressive Plan: $65.99/month for 3000 listings, offering a middle ground for growing businesses.
      • Business Plan: $159.99/month for 10,000 listings, catering to larger businesses with increased listing needs.
        Custom Plan: Starting from $199/month, offering flexibility for users with specific requirements.



Even though SaleFreaks is known for being flexible and able to handle different listing volumes, has more plans available with cheaper prices for those who commit themselves over a longer period of time (with annual discounts) to make sure that it serves all kinds of businesses at any point of growth.

Customer Support and Resources

Salefreaks Support

  • SaleFreaks Support Chat: SaleFreaks Support Chat is designed to provide smooth help to customers at any time of the day and for any kind of problem. By using the SaleFreaks Support Chat, users will be able to get in touch with a well-trained support team that is ready to solve their problems as quickly as possible. Even during periods of high conversation volumes, the users can still get help through the live chat, although they may occasionally see messages stating that the response might take longer than usual.
  • Help Center: Besides the SaleFreaks support chat, it has a Help Center that is packed with many materials. The repository acts as the center of knowledge for all information that may be required for e-commerce and contains proactive solutions. In this section, users will find manuals, lists of questions that might arise during the e-commerce business process, as well as troubleshooting articles. This empowers users with self-service options to address various issues independently. Support

  • Live Chat Support: offers a live chat support feature that is found near the user’s account dashboard to give fast help when it matters most. The platform has made sure that any questions asked through this communication channel will be dealt with in less than 20 minutes so that clients can receive their answers on time. Through this support channel, is able to attend to any client queries without much disturbing one’s work flow, ensuring efficiency as well as quick responses.
  • Help Center: The Help Center serves as a go-to resource for users seeking essential information and guidance. Curated by the Team, this repository offers tips, solutions, and instructions for utilizing the platform effectively. Designed to cater to a diverse range of topics, the Help Center ensures that users have access to relevant information and updates precisely when needed, and its aim to provide content in German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese shows the platform’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

In summary, both SaleFreaks and prioritize timely assistance through live chat support channels and provide comprehensive resources through their respective Help Centers. They both emphasize real-time resolution and self-service options, focusing on fast responses and curated guidance, but seems to be more geared towards catering to a broader global audience.

SaleFreaks User Reviews

SaleFreaks garners mixed but generally positive feedback from its users. While the volume of SaleFreaks reviews might not be substantial, the sentiment leans towards satisfaction with the platform’s performance. Users express satisfaction with SaleFreaks, noting its effectiveness in their e-commerce endeavors. Despite some acknowledging a slower pace, the prevailing sentiment suggests a belief in its value as a tool for facilitating e-commerce success.

SaleFreaks User Reviews has garnered a reputation among dropshippers as a reliable and effective platform for a while. User reviews consistently paint a picture of satisfaction and success, highlighting its ease of use and impactful features. Dropshippers, experienced users and newcomers alike, commend its intuitive interface and robust functionality.



How do SaleFreaks and compare in terms of pricing?

Both SaleFreaks and offer flexible and tiered pricing plans tailored to different levels of seller activity and volume. SaleFreaks focuses more on the number of listings, with specific monthly rates for different tiers, while bases its pricing on the number of orders and feature usage. Both platforms provide options to scale as your business grows, with trial periods allowing you to test their services before committing.

Does SaleFreaks or offer better customer support?

Both SaleFreaks and prioritize real-time assistance and offer extensive resources through their Help Centers. While SaleFreaks focuses on providing seamless support and comprehensive self-service options, stands out with its rapid response times and multilingual support, catering to a broader global audience.

Which tool is better for beginners?

The ease of use in has made it the most preferred choice among starters. It simplifies the process of setting up and managing a dropshipping business, making it easier for newcomers to navigate and use effectively. Although SaleFreaks is packed with powerful functionalities, it may pose a greater challenge to beginners.

How can I decide between SaleFreaks and for my dropshipping business?

To select the best platform for your dropshipping business between SaleFreaks and, you should think about the cost, what you get for your money, how easy it is to use, the kind of help available and whether or not it fits in with what you already do. Take time to evaluate your particular requirements and inclinations so that you can identify the most suitable solution among the two for your targets and needs. Moreover, reviewing opinions of other users and trying out these options may give you a better understanding of how appropriate each tool is for your business; in this case, both platforms have a 7-day trial period available.


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