The Best 15 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell

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Why should I dropship fitness products?

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are at the peak of popularity, and business in this area is actively flourishing. On the desire of people to play sports and eat right, sellers earn money in various ways: they open sports clubs and fitness studios, conduct training sessions, and create clothes for sports. In our article, we will talk about dropshipping fitness products.

The USA is a country where a healthy lifestyle and sports are actively promoted. Fitness centers provide benefits and discounts to attract more and more visitors. According to the Sport communication group, in the US, sales of sports goods per person are 330 dollars, in the EU – 85. People go in for fitness and wrestling, refuse alcohol and cigarettes, and are fond of proper nutrition. New sports and physical activities appear and immediately find their followers. Going in for sports and leading an active lifestyle has become fashionable: according to statistics, every fifth Internet user types in search engines queries related to getting in shape, contacts of fitness centers, and the purchase of sports goods. Accordingly, the demand for them is growing.

Sports have become available to everyone, regardless of income or age. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to make money on dropshipping sports goods?

How do I find the most popular fitness products for my online store?

When compiling an assortment, you need to consider your target audience, and, secondly, you should be well-versed in all the nuances of choosing sports goods and equipment. In your store’s range (if we are talking about a general sporting goods store), you should have fitness accessories, sports equipment, outdoor products, sports nutrition, training equipment, martial arts clothing, etc. Small stores usually sell special sports shoes and clothes. Tracksuits, T-shirts, and sneakers are in the most significant demand.

According to experts and experienced entrepreneurs, novice dropshippers should focus on sporting goods of one group and become a professional in this direction. Such shops are focused on serving a relatively narrow group of consumers engaged in a particular sport (mountaineering, snowboarding, etc.). A small number of potential buyers is compensated by their willingness to pay a lot of money for an exclusive product.

The Best 15 Fitness Dropshipping Products To Sell

From 2020, permanent lockdowns will be introduced. But for sports fans, this is not a hindrance. People who want to keep fit will find a way to engage in physical activity without even leaving home. Instead of running down the street – a treadmill, instead of a bicycle – a bicycle station; instead of a pool – functional training. Finally, there is time to strengthen your back, pump up the press or sit on the twine.

Below we have prepared a list of the most popular and, therefore, best-selling fitness products over the past year.

1. Expanders

The carpal expander develops the muscles of the hands and forearm. It increases grip strength and is ideal for home workouts. Models come in different shapes, and rubber and steel are responsible for rigidity.

We have compiled a list of the most popular expander models for your dropshipping store.

  • Rubber loops – Today, this is the most popular and versatile expander. A real gem in your pocket. With the help of loops, you can pump any muscle group and conduct a full-fledged fitness workout, learn to pull yourself up, do push-ups on the uneven bars and from the floor
  • Carpal expander ring – With it, you can ideally train the strength of the hands and forearms. It is small and fits easily into a pocket, bag, or car glove compartment.
  • The figure-eight expander – with the advent of rubber loops, the figure eight has lost several positions but continues to be one of the most popular expanders. Exercises with the figure-eight can be used as a warm-up before the main workout and to conduct a complete workout for all muscle groups. The tension of the expander provides the load. It allows you to use large muscle groups.
  • Expander-harness – this super popular equipment among fighters of various martial arts with the advent of rubber loops again passed a little but remains in our TOP. Exercises with an expander-harness allow you to work out punches and kicks, throws, and turns of the body that imitate throws.
  • Fight Ball (Battle ball) is a simulator that simulates a fight with a real opponent. The new version has a less rigid elastic band. Thanks to this, beginners will be able to have time to react to the incoming ball. And experienced fighters will be able to hit the ball harder and manage to carry out more complex combinations. The battle ball does not take up space. You can take it with you anywhere. Both adults and children enjoy playing with it.
  • The skier’s expander is also the boxer’s expander and the swimmer’s expander. It is an expander consisting of bundles with loops or plastic handles at the ends (it is more convenient with loops). It is very popular with athletes of various sports and in rehabilitation after injuries.
  • TRX loops – the popularity of this simulator is growing every year. Almost every fitness club conducts workouts using TRX loops. In addition, more and more people are buying them for home workouts. The secret of such popularity is compactness and versatility. The TRX effectively develops strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, which is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

2. Sports mats

Yoga and fitness mats are sports equipment that is usually purchased first. Moreover, people buy a training mat regardless of where they work out – at home or in group classes in the gym. A good mat is essential for many fitness activities. Still, it is instrumental in those activities where a significant part of the exercises is performed on the floor or your knees. For example, these are yoga practices, pilates, stretching, twine stretching, a set of exercises for the press. Therefore, gym mats make their place in our popular dropshipping fitness products list. Sports mats vary in thickness, material, and the presence of storage cases. The price range changes accordingly. You can choose products based on your target audience and the range of your online store.

More budget-friendly sports mats are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (aka foam rubber). And fitness mats from Polyvinyl Chloride, Thermal Plastic Elastomer, and natural rubber are already an average and expensive price segment.

3. Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology taping was invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase back in the late 1970s, but the method gained worldwide fame after the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Following the athletes, bright elastic bands have become popular among amateurs.

Now there are more than 50 trip manufacturers on the market. You can easily find tape suppliers on Aliexpress. They have a low price. Respectively, you can count on a large volume of sales of this product.

4. Kick scooter

Over the past five years, scooters have gained high popularity. The number of kick scooters is growing every year. In some cases, it is worth choosing universal models, and in others – kick scooters are designed to solve specific problems. Moreover, most of the fans of scooters are by no means children! Scooters are loved by sports fans and ordinary workers hurrying to work in the morning. You can add three types of kick scooters, depending on your target audience. This:

  • stunt scooters
  • urban scooters
  • dirt – scooters

Depending on the configuration of each type of scooter, their price varies greatly.

5. Shakers

A shaker will help you quickly prepare a fresh serving of a nutritious protein shake without a mess in your bag. This item is popular with gym-goers looking to gain mass.

6. Jump ropes

This children’s entertainment is a great way to keep fit. Jump ropes come in a variety of configurations. But in any case, we classify this product as a budget one. Feel free to add it to your store because there are a lot of jump rope lovers.

7. Water bottles.

In addition to the primary function of storing water, water bottles have become an essential accessory of our time. People tend to consume enough water, so the demand for water bottles will be high.

8. Sports balls.

There are always enough team sports fans, so we recommend adding balls to your dropshipping store.

9. Sports lights

This product is famous not only among mountaineering enthusiasts. Often people are forced to train in the dark, and a sports flashlight is a convenient solution.

10. Dumbbells

You will not run into a shortage of people who want to buy dumbbells from you. It is the most famous fitness equipment of all time.

11. Tourist knives

Product for a relatively narrow audience. But even if you do not specialize in selling goods for tourism, we recommend adding Camping Knives to your store.

12. Blocks for yoga

Since yoga is trendy, yoga equipment will always be in demand.

13. Weights

Fitness or running lovers will not pass by weights in your online store.

14. Fit balls

This product is popular among the female half of humanity. Persistent buyers of fit balls are expectant mothers.

15. Trainers

We could not get around the classics of any fitness class. Nowadays, there is a massive selection of exercise equipment for the home or gym, large or small, budget or expensive. Depending on the specifics of your online store, we recommend adding simulators.

The sale of sports goods is a seasonal business. Sports shops change their assortment depending on the year to reduce the seasonality factor. In winter, they sell ski suits, sleds, snowboards, and skis, and in summer, they sell tennis, beach, and golf clothes. There are also “out-of-season” goods – for example, bicycles and clothing and equipment for various types of martial arts. These products are in consistently high demand throughout the year.

For a dropshipping store, you can choose two directions.

  • A department store will sell everything: sportswear, athletes’ equipment, and sports nutrition. In this case, you cover the majority of the target audience, but at the same time, you enter a market that is divided among solid competitors. In this case, there is a high risk of remaining in the red and getting lost among the “monsters” of marketing.
  • A specialized store that chooses a separate direction and develops it in depth. For example, it can be equipped for a particular sport, all types of sports nutrition, furniture for gyms. It is desirable to sell both famous and exclusive goods in a narrow niche. Experts believe that this type of activity requires the least cost and can unwind in a short time. There will be fewer potential customers, but they will be permanent and ready to pay any money for a unique product.

Your target audience

With the right approach, you can attract several target audience segments:

  • Professional athletes. They will need equipment, sports equipment, and sports nutrition.
  • Lovers. These are people engaged in fitness, yoga, Pilates, aerobics. It is perhaps the most significant category: young people aged 20 to 40 who keep up with the times and lead an active lifestyle. This category has a great demand for various sportswear accessories: dumbbells, mats, hoops, etc.
  • People who go in for extreme sports: diving, snowboarding, climbing, etc. Again, be careful with the equipment: a person’s life depends on its quality.
  • Children who go to the sections. Your customers will be their parents or trainers who order goods online. Mostly equipment and supplies will come in handy. Sports paraphernalia also diverge with a bang: medals, cups, letterheads – they are presented to children for winning competitions.
  • Fitness centers. They can also become your customers if you sell professional equipment: gym equipment, treadmills, tennis tables, dumbbells, pancakes, etc. Regardless of the target audience, any online sporting goods store can sell unique clothing and footwear, sports nutrition, outdoor products: tents, bowls, folding furniture, hammocks.

How to choose a supplier of fitness goods for a dropshipping store?

When choosing a supplier, you should pay attention to China, namely Aliexpress: inexpensive sportswear and shoes. The Chinese have no equal among various intelligent gadgets: sometimes they release new items earlier and more often than well-known brands.However, do not forget about the world-famous Amazon. It is perhaps the most popular supplier among dropshippers. A little less popular is Walmart. But even here, you can find great fitness products for your online store.