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dropshipping from amazon to shopify

Live Listings


Prices are taken from the source market such as Amazon, Overstock, or WalMart etc and automatically increased based on the margins you specify.

Descriptions and images

Using our very unique ASIN grabber tool all you need to do is find the products you want to sell and then copy/paste the skus into the listing creator. Easync will automatically insert the title, description, features and even images into your new listings. Easync will also instantly adjust the price according to the settings you specified from the beginning.


Easync will find the lowest price offer from the sellers in the source market to provide the most competitive price for your profits. The software will also adjust the quantity on your eBay listing according to the source. This is a great tool to protect you from selling something on eBay that is actually out of stock from the source market. The tool won’t delist the eBay listing, instead it will adjust the quantity to 0 and as soon as the quantity is replenished from the source market the eBay listing will increase from 0 back to 1 again on your eBay listing.

Automatic Ordering

Orders placed on eBay will instantly load on the Orders Page of Easync and the software will add the product to your shopping cart, insert the customer supplied shipping address, and choose the fastest free shipping. The tool will also ensure to make the order a gift order so the buyer will not receive an invoice with the prices on it. Amazon never includes addresses on any order whether it is a gift or not so your personal information and identity will always be safe. Orders from Shopify on your personal website.
Any orders placed on your retail Shopify store will work the same way. The orders will be sent to Easync instantly and be sourced from the market you specified when you created the listing using the ASIN grabber tool.

Fine tuned for maximum benefit

Statistics Store

Statistics will be provided for each of your stores and broken down by each day. This graph will be provided to you on all future orders after you connect your store.

Tools Store


Products that sell out of stock from the source market or do not satisfy your requirements such as handling time or Amazon Add-on items.


This tool allows you to manually set pricing and availability adjustments on individual listings. This page will list them for you so you don’t lose them in the future.

Delist Duplicate

This tool helps you find listings use the same ASIN for more than listing. EBay policy does not allow duplicate listings and will automatically delist them if they find them. This can lead to temporary suspensions on eBay if this occurs too often. This is only needed if you manually create your own listing for Easync to use. Our listing creator will prevent this from occurring in the first place.

Poor Performers

This provides analysis on listings that have never sold and list them in order based on 0 sales and 0 watchers. The lowest of these will be at the top for you to delist or adjust if they are not selling well. You can filter listings that have been newly created based on how many days you set. Example: exclude listings created within the last _ days.

Recent Revisions

The whole history of changes on your listing. You can see the repricing tool in action based on the source market over time.

Unknown Listings

This tool finds all items in your eBay or Shopify store that do not currently have a source market attached to it on Easync will not be able to adjust prices, quantity or make orders on unknown listings.

Listing Request Batches

Live status of adding new products.

Edit Listing Template

Online editor. Super cool tool for the design of the store listing. You can see live how it will look on eBay.

eBay Messages

You can receive and reply to messages to your eBay customers through the Easync interface.

Adding items

No longer is the need to create your listings by hand. We help you do it automatically. And right before your listings goes live you can make little adjustments to the title, description and even add or remove images as you see fit.

Auto Upload Tracking

Automatically upload tracking from WalMart, Aliexpress, Amazon or whatever source market you used to your eBay or Shopify store for your customer to see.

All your stores in one place

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