TOP 10 Best Free AI Tools for eBay Dropshipping – Is it possible to start eBay dropshipping for free?

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This article lists the top 10 best free AI tools for eBay dropshipping. These tools are for the main tasks of a dropshipper: product niche finding, online store organization, creation of product descriptions, customer service, and advertising campaigns. In addition to the eBay core features for sellers, you can easily create your first online store.

Short review

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that allows entrepreneurs to escape from goods production, storage, and delivery.

The main activities for a dropshipper are organizing an online store: product representation, communication with customers and suppliers, proper distribution of orders among suppliers, and advertising. The dropshipper earns the margin between the supplier price and the seller price. The largest benefit of this model is the possibility of starting your business with minimum investment.

You can create your website on the free hosts, start to sell on social networks, or create an account on a popular marketplace. Advertising, website design, and product description are possible to execute for free. Many free AI tools help dropship for advanced and beginner businesses.

The use of artificial intelligence helps to understand customers’ needs better, personalize the customer experience, and manage business more effectively. In our article, we will list the best free tools for eBay dropshipping for all stages of order fulfillment and online store creation.

EBay, like any other marketplace, has some unique features. Nevertheless, some tools can be used for others. Moreover, we should add that good tools are free only for a limited time.

Niche search is the main task of a dropshipper for the creation of a successful store. The niche should be popular and not have so many competitors, and there should be the possibility for further business expansion.

The tool is one of the best all-in-one AI dropshipping niche finder tools. This tool is not available for free, but it has the trial version for $1 with all features – Elite or Premium package!

You can also download for free more than 20 of the best ecommerce plugins, among them AliNiche (Aliexpress Product Research Tool) and Temu (Product Analysis Tool). 

The Elite and Premium packages offer AliExpress and Shopify databases to find your product niche. During the trial period, you can also use Ad Spy to get insight into audience preferences on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Findniche guides a dropshipper from scratch to a working online store step by step: choose the best-selling product category on AliExpress, track trends by category, spy on trends in e-commerce ads, and search and add products from the AliExpress Database to your online store.  This tool perfectly works for eBay.


  • Database of AliExpress and Shopify trending products every day
  • The AI-driven analyzer of Shopify competitors
  • Shopify Spy – free extension for Chrome
  • Seamless Integration with AliExpress and Shopify as source markets
  • Free library of useful dropshipping apps
  • Detailed lists of best selling items with price, cost, and profit
  • Up-to-date database created by AI

  • Limited time trials for $1
  • Lack of integration into other marketplaces
  • Expensive price on the paid subscriptions

Niche Scraper

If your limited trial with has ended, you can try Niche Scraper. This AI-driven tool has a limited free trial to make product and market research on AliExpress, Amazon, and Shopify for eBay dropshipping stores. You can search for the best product for your online store using Product Scraper for AliExpress or Shopify products.

The filter is performed among millions of products by category, top country, recent orders, keywords, price, AliScore, and more. You can investigate the history of trends inside the set time period. You can find out which is the top-selling country for the products, the number of competitors (the competition score should be as low as possible), the growth score (how the demand is growing for this item), and more. 

For users who want to minimize time spent on product niche searching, there are special features—handpicked lists and top niche lists. The tool developers manually analyzed the handpicked lists to find the hot items. Another way is to start from the top niche lists, which are updated weekly. You will see information about weekly or early sales and weekly or early revenue.


  • Detailed tutorial for all capabilities
  • Store analysis tools
  • Ad spy for TikTok and Facebook
  • Free Facebook Video Ad Generator
  • Detailed analytics of bestselling items on AliExpress and Shopify
  • Powerful web crawlers use AI
  • Possibility to use product information if it is not branded

  • All users should be registered
  • Free version with access to a limited number of scrapers
  • Costly membership ($49.95/month)
  • No refunds


The proper product representation is essential for all online stores. It is expensive to perform unique photoshoots for all products; it is much easier to use AI design tools. You need to drop the photo of your product, and the magic begins. You have hundreds of background templates where you can adjust lighting and camera angles.

If you have clothes, you may use templates of AI-generated models. The familiar tools from popular editing tools are also available – magic erases, upscale images, replacement of the product, removal of background, and more. It suggests the addition of accessories to make photos more natural and trendy.

This tool proposes one of the best free solutions—100 designs per month are always free. The unlimited version is only $10 and includes access to the whole team. All created photos are unique and can be easily branded. For new users, there are several tutorials for better service navigation.


  • Recommendations for properly placing your product
  • Templates of still life, furniture, and food
  • Drag & drops interface
  • Generation of models based on your request
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Possibility to mix the templates
  • Easy registration with a Google account

  • A limited number of templates
  • Limited functionality
  • Good-quality product photos are required


Even though dropshipping is not about brands, at some stage, you may find an agreement with your supplier to produce branded products. Branded products are valued more, give additional loyalty from your customers, and give the possibility to charge more for the same product.

To make your online store and products unique, a catching brand logo is required. For this purpose, the AI-powered platform Looka is a good helper. It helps to create a logo in minutes and creates templates for your business cards, social profiles, emails, and home page headings in the colors and fonts of your logo. 

You need to insert the company name, choose the color scheme, determine fonts and preferred templates, and you will receive dozens of logo templates. The Brand Kit offers a whole package of templates for social media, business cards, websites, and more. You will receive an idea of how your logo may look, but downloading the logo (including PNGs and vectors) is only for money. 


  • Intuitive interface
  • Pay only for the logos you are fully satisfied with
  • 100 fonts, layout, and color options
  • Availability of Hi-res and vector files
  • Exclusive logo creation
  • Many templates for Brand Kits
  • Unlimited editing capabilities in the premium subscription

  • Free logo creation does not include the download of high-resolution files, PNG, and vector files
  • Limited customization capabilities


For dropshippers who want to be on edge, a video product presentation is a must. The creation of videos, including proper cutting, can take significant time. Wisecut is an AI-driven tool that creates short videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Telegram, and other social networks.

It makes auto-cutes based on facial recognition algorithms, finds pauses, and cuts them automatically. It can also generate subtitles, add music smartly in the background, and auto-translation to increase the quantity of possible viewers. Wisecut has a simple drag & drop interface, and the creation of engaging short videos starts with one button.

All features are available only for paid subscribers. The free plan includes only 30 minutes per month of video processing with a maximum resolution of 720p. It also includes the Wisecut watermark, while the paid subscription doesn’t. If you cancel your paid subscription, all created videos will remain in your free account. 


  • Automatic creation of short clips from long videos
  • Automatic synchronization of background music to the video
  • AI storyboard
  • Smart facial recognition with ratio conversion
  • Erase of background noise
  • Auto subtitles and translation
  • Cloud service

  • Limited free version
  • Automatic subtitles for 6 languages (now)
  • Grammatik in subtitles and translation is poor


The online store is based not only on catching photos and logos, but you also need to provide unique and detailed product descriptions. Another AI-powered tool, TIIPE, is recommended to find creative ideas for product titles, descriptions, and ads.

It has a free trial version that lasts 30 days, which is the perfect time to create your first online store. You can customize the copyright process by adding your branded keywords and product attributes. It is also possible to change the style, tone, and wording to make the description more personal and fit your brand. 

For further use of the service (more than a trial period), you may use one of the plans (Starter, Growth, or Enterprise). They are based on the number of credits per month (1 credit equals 1 run of AI tool to write the description).  


  • The copyright process is fully automated
  • Fast creation of unique descriptions
  • Possibility to insert keywords for proper SEO
  • Support English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Created descriptions look like human written
  • Possibility for massive upload of product data in Excel file
  • 100 description runs are free for each user

  • Limited time of free version
  • Expensive paid subscriptions
  • Sometimes, it creates nonsensical descriptions
  • Bags and glitches are possible


ChatGPT is one of the most popular free copyright tools based on artificial intelligence. We can’t skip this tool as it helps to fulfill numerous dropshipping tasks – unique product descriptions, ads, emails, responses to FAQs and customer requests, creating blog posts, and many other text with defined keywords for SEO.

The request for the text creation is performed via a dialog window; the more details you provide in your request, the more specific the result will be. Surprisingly, you can even ask ChatGPT to help you find a niche.

Even though AI tools provide high-quality texts, Google and other search engines value more human-written texts. Even though the tool is extremely popular, using the free version may cause delays in the provision of the result. To improve the service, you may use the paid version ($20/month) for more accurate texts and faster responses. The descriptions created with ChatGPT for eBay stores are valued more.


  • Creation of professional and natural texts
  • Easy interface with a dialog window
  • Supports 94 languages
  • Real-time translation and help in language learning
  • Personalized responses based on your input data
  • Possibility to handle multiple tasks at the same time
  • Creation of short and long texts

  • Website access only after registration
  • Some texts are nonsensical
  • Quality depends strongly on the ChatGPT version
  • Limited knowledge


For business automation, Inbenta—an AI tool for customer communication—provides a 24/7 chatbot for complete conversations. Based on your customized settings, it resolves customer queries at high speed and improves customer experience. You can significantly reduce the time spent answering typical queries and spend it on business expansion and improvement. Moreover, it engages the customer in communication and gives recommendations that boost sales.

You can choose several ways of AI customer service from Inbenta for your online store: messenger (working across multiple popular platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter), Chatbot (the pop-up window on your website), Improved search line to deliver more relevant results or Knowledge Base (collection of typical FAQs into an easily readable and managed resource). 

Unfortunately, you will receive a limited demo version of the service for a couple of days for free. For constant usage, you need to purchase a subscription based on the number of live agents, sessions, or searches. 


  • Based on proprietary AI technologies
  • 95% accuracy of responds
  • Understands and answers in 35 languages
  • Customizable settings per your online store
  • Super Fast response time
  • Zero training is required
  • Self—learning service

  • Limited version for free
  • Paid subscription is costly
  • Not cloud based
  • No SaaS


Tidio is another AI service that automates your customer service. It automates up to 70% of customer requests without your interference, and more than 70% of customers are satisfied with the responses without redirection to the human. The service connects all your communication channels on one dashboard, which also helps to decrease the time spent ticketing processing, filtering, and prioritizing them.

The detailed analytics helps to improve your customer’s service and improve their loyalty. The platform has integrations with social networks, eBay, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, BigCommerce, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and more.

The free plan is limited to 50 conversations per month in all your communication channels (live chat, ticket, email, etc.). In the free plan, you also have the feature to improve your replies—Tidio AI reply assistant. Paid subscriptions (from $59/month with a 7-day free trial) allow you to learn more about your visitors, check their location, and track return customers. Based on this analysis, you can add notes to the visitor contacts.


  • Real-time live chat
  • Decrease the time of waiting
  • Supports 7 languages
  • Smart ticketing system
  • Unlimited seats
  • Free email support
  • Mobile and desktop apps

  • Limited free version to 50 conversations per month
  • No unique branded for each of your communication resource
  • Doesn’t show the queue of customers waiting the response


Advertising campaigns are the main drivers of online sales. To attract new customers, you should be active on social networks, post in blogs, perform email campaigns, and use many other ways to attract additional attention to your online store.

Mailchimp helps convert emails and SMS into new customers and create relevant content faster. The results of all campaigns come from reports and visualizations for detailed analytics. For free, this service allows you to create email campaigns and collect personalized information about your customers.

Maichimp has AI features (Intuit Assist) such as campaign optimization, delivery of more personalized emails, preparation of email drafts, and industry benchmarking data. All users receive personalized suggestions for improving email content. Using the campaign manager, you can schedule your emails at the best times and days.


  • AI Email automation
  • Focus on the most loyal customers
  • The campaign built on AI-predicted segments
  • AI Generation of branded email design with band color, fonts and logos
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics to check audience engagement, growth and possible revenue on different channels
  • GDPR-compliant signup forms

  • Some services are available only in English
  • The free plan includes only 1000 email sends
  • No scheduling in free plan
  • Emails sent in free plan are branded with Maichimp logo


The Internet is full of tools for eBay dropshipping. Some modern tools are AI driven to improve and personalize your dropshipping store. We provided the list of the top 10 best dropshipping AI tools for eBay dropshipping.

You can use these tools for free forever or within the free trial period. If you want to start your dropshipping business on eBay quickly with zero investments, our list is the perfect helper.

You can find the tool for finding product niches ( or Niche Scraper), creating a remarkable online store (Flair, Looka, Wisecut), for customer communication (Tidio and Inbenta), creating product descriptions (Tiipe or ChatGPT) and organizing email campaigns (Mailchimp).