Which is Better for Your Dropshipping Business: Trackerbot or Easync.io?

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Exploring dropshipping tools can be both exciting and overwhelming for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency and profitability. In this digital age, where automation and optimization reign supreme, two options stand out: Trackerbot and Easync.io. Both platforms offer comprehensive solutions to streamline operations, enhance product sourcing, and maximize profits for dropshipping businesses. However, the question remains: which one is better?

Trackerbot and Easync.io Overview

In the world of dropshipping, choosing the right tools can make or break your success. Trackerbot and Easync.io are two prominent tools, each offering unique benefits tailored to streamline operations and boost profits.

Trackerbot is favored for its automation capabilities, enabling seamless tracking uploads and securing cost-effective shipping options like Aquiline and Bluecare Express. Its one-click order fulfillment feature, PasteMe, simplifies the entire process.

Easync.io, on the other hand, targets eBay sellers aiming to maximize profits. It automatically identifies top-selling eBay products and creates “hot items” listings, adjusting prices according to predefined settings. Users can select from curated listing titles for optimal results.

Ultimately, the choice between Trackerbot and Easync.io depends on your business’s specific needs and goals. While Trackerbot excels in simplifying order fulfillment and securing optimal shipping solutions, Easync.io offers a specialized approach tailored to eBay sellers seeking to maximize profits through strategic product selection and pricing.

Trackerbot and Easync.io Feature Comparison

Trackerbot Features

  • Automatic Integration for eBay Sellers: The smooth compatibility of Trackerbot with eBay makes it easier for vendors to handle customer requests without the need for manual input. Through the use of Trackerbot Chrome extension, members are able to include tracking details on their listings, which helps them improve sales without relying on eBay’s API. By doing this, it ensures that sellers will not be distracted from their business since they won’t be bogged down by administrative tasks.
  • Blue Care Express Integration: Trackerbot’s integration with Blue Care Express offers users an affordable and efficient shipping solution. By automatically converting Blue Care Express tracking to BCE at competitive rates, sellers can fulfill orders with just a few clicks. This integration eliminates the hassle of dealing with incompatible tracking numbers, ensuring smooth order fulfillment for eBay sellers.
  • Integrated Shipment and “Paste Me” Tool: Trackerbot simplifies the shipment process by allowing users to copy and paste buyer information directly from eBay and Amazon. The “Paste Me” tool ensures 100% accuracy and reliability, minimizing errors and streamlining order fulfillment. With just a single mouse click, sellers can ship products to customers’ addresses quickly and efficiently, whether through Amazon or eBay.
  • Auto Message Delivery and Feedback Requests: Trackerbot helps sellers enhance customer satisfaction by automatically sending delightful messages to customers upon sale or shipment. These auto reminder messages not only keep customers informed but also contribute to building positive feedback and improving overall ratings. Additionally, Trackerbot automates feedback requests, ensuring that all buyers receive prompt requests for feedback, ultimately helping sellers expand their product reach.
  • Automatic Messaging System: With Trackerbot’s automatic messaging system, sellers can stay connected with buyers throughout the sales process. Whether an item is sold, shipped, or delivered, buyers receive informative and timely updates, enhancing their overall shopping experience and fostering trust between sellers and customers.
  • Title Builder for SEO Optimization: The Title Builder feature from Trackerbot enables sellers to enhance their product listings so that they can be easily found on the internet, thereby increasing visibility and sales. This is done through the improvement of the SEO ranking of seller’s listings by adding important keywords in the item’s title.


Easync.io Features

  • Streamlined Operations with Automation: Easync.io empowers users to streamline operations and save time through its automation features. From finding dropshipping suppliers to arranging order processing, users can efficiently manage tasks with just a click, leveraging analysis of available options for product delivery and quantities.
  • Real-Time Repricing Advantage: In the competitive world of e-commerce, staying ahead is crucial. Easync.io’s 24/7 automated updates ensure users are constantly informed about inventory, profits, orders, and tracking. By automating these processes, users maintain up-to-date and competitive pricing information effortlessly, giving them a strategic edge in the market.
  • Profitable Product Discovery: Easync.io’s automation tool is invaluable for users seeking profitable products. By analyzing sales data, reviews, and estimated profits, the tool offers insights into potentially lucrative products, particularly beneficial for newcomers aiming to kickstart their dropshipping journey on the right foot.
  • Effortless Order Fulfillment, No Amazon Accounts Needed: A standout feature of Easync.io is its ability to streamline order processing without requiring individual Amazon accounts. By mimicking genuine user accounts, the system simplifies fulfillment processes, allowing users to focus on business development rather than managing multiple accounts and navigating Amazon’s strict policies.
  • Trust and Loyalty Enhancement: Centralized shipment organization provided by Easync.io enhances the shipping process and packaging options, fostering trust and loyalty among customers. By ensuring smooth and dependable transactions from a single location, the platform promotes client retention and long-term customer relationship development.
  • Data-Driven Sales Optimization: With integration capabilities across major e-commerce platforms and access to over 99 source and target markets, Easync.io enables users to optimize sales strategies using data. Detailed analytics and marketplace-specific solutions empower users to maximize earnings and reach, driving business growth effortlessly.


While both Trackerbot and Easync.io offer valuable features for online retailers, the choice between them ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Trackerbot excels in eBay integration, order management, and customer communication, while Easync.io specializes in automation, product discovery, and sales optimization. By carefully considering the unique strengths of each platform, sellers can make an informed decision to effectively manage their online retail business and drive success.

Trackerbot and Easync.io Pricing Plans

Trackerbot Pricing Overview

Trackerbot offers a range of plans tailored to different business needs, all featuring essential tools for sellers such as feedback reminders, auto feedback leaver, auto messaging system, and a title builder. Users can choose from six distinct pricing tiers:

  • Starter ($14.99/month): Includes 150 trackings per month, 1 seller account, and 3 Gmail accounts.
  • Professional ($22.99/month): Offers 500 trackings per month, 2 seller accounts, and 10 Gmail accounts.
  • Business ($29.99/month): 1500 trackings per month, 3 seller accounts, 10 Gmail accounts, 200 BCE/Aquiline trackings per month, and additional BCE/Aquiline trackings at $0.04 each.
  • Enterprise ($44.99/month): Includes 2500 trackings per month, 5 seller accounts, and 10 Gmail accounts.
  • Huge ($64.99/month): Offers 5000 trackings per month, 10 seller accounts, 20 Gmail accounts, 600 BCE/Aquiline trackings per month, and additional BCE/Aquiline trackings at $0.04 each.
  • Baller ($109.99/month): Provides 10000 trackings per month, 20 seller accounts, 40 Gmail accounts, 1000 BCE/Aquiline trackings per month, and additional BCE/Aquiline trackings at $0.04 each.


Easync.io Pricing Overview

Easync.io caters to various business sizes with plans that include essential features such as automatic ordering, Aquiline tracking, fulfillment by Easync, and hot items finder. Their pricing tiers are:

  • Starter Plan ($49.99/month): Suitable for beginners or small-scale operations with 2000 listings.
  • Progressive Plan ($65.99/month): A middle ground for growing businesses with 3000 listings.
  • Business Plan ($159.99/month): Ideal for larger businesses with 10,000 listings.
  • Custom Plan (starting from $199/month): Offers flexibility for users with specific requirements.


Pricing Plans Comparison Trackerbot and Easync.io

Pricing Structure:

  • Trackerbot offers a wider range of lower-priced plans starting at $14.99/mo, making it accessible for smaller sellers with fewer tracking needs.
  • Easync.io’s lowest plan starts at $49.99/mo but accommodates more listings (2000) compared to Trackerbot’s trackings.


  • Both platforms include automated features to help manage seller accounts, but Trackerbot focuses more on feedback management and messaging systems.
  • Easync.io includes comprehensive order fulfillment and listing management tools in all its plans, with a strong focus on automatic ordering and tracking.

Scale and Flexibility:

  • Trackerbot’s plans scale up in terms of trackings and seller accounts, suitable for businesses that primarily need tracking services.
  • Easync.io caters to businesses with more extensive listing needs and offers a custom plan for highly specific requirements, providing more flexibility at the higher end.

Trial Periods:

  • Trackerbot offers a 14-day free trial, allowing more time to test its features compared to Easync.io’s 7-day trial.

Annual Discounts:

  • Trackerbot offers a 17% discount with annual billing (2 months free).
    Easync.io offers a higher annual discount of 20%.

Trackerbot and Easync.io Support and Resources

Trackerbot Support and Resources

  • Blog with Articles: Trackerbot maintains a blog featuring articles on dropshipping automation specifically geared towards eBay and Amazon sellers. This resource is valuable for users looking to stay updated on the latest trends, tips, and strategies in the dropshipping industry. The articles are written to help users optimize their processes and maximize efficiency.
  • Email Support: For direct assistance, Trackerbot provides email support. Users can contact the support team via email for any issues or questions they may have. This method, while potentially slower than live chat, allows users to articulate their problems in detail and receive comprehensive responses from the support team.


Easync.io Support and Resources

  • Easync.io Help Center: An all-inclusive Easync. io Team Help Center. Users can visit this Help Center if they experience any challenges or require guidelines about utilizing the platform. Tips and solutions are provided on various subjects to make sure that users can get all information they may need easily and at any time. This is an important tool for those users that are inclined to self help and like to troubleshoot independently.
  • Live Chat Support: Easync.io offers live chat support directly within the user account interface. This feature is ideal for users needing immediate assistance. By utilizing the live chat, users can communicate with customer service representatives in real-time. The Easync.io team is committed to responding within 20 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to the user’s workflow. This support option is particularly advantageous for urgent issues that require prompt resolution.
  • Blog Resources: Similar to Trackerbot, Easync.io maintains a dropshipping blog. The blog features a wide array of articles covering various aspects of dropshipping, including tips, strategies, and updates about the platform. This resource helps users stay informed and improve their dropshipping business through continuous learning.


Trackerbot and Easync.io Support and Resources Comparison

Trackerbot primarily relies on a blog and email support to assist its users. The blog serves as an educational tool, while email support provides a direct but potentially slower communication channel for problem-solving.

Easync.io, on the other hand, provides a more immediate and interactive support system with its comprehensive Help Center and live chat support. The live chat feature is particularly advantageous for users who need quick, real-time assistance. Additionally, Easync.io’s blog complements its support offerings by providing in-depth articles on dropshipping.


What features distinguish Trackerbot from Easync.io?

Trackerbot focuses more on feedback management and messaging systems, while Easync.io includes comprehensive order fulfillment and listing management tools in all its plans. Easync.io also emphasizes automatic ordering and tracking, making it ideal for sellers seeking automation.

Which platform is more scalable and flexible?

Trackerbot’s plans scale up in terms of trackings and seller accounts, catering to businesses primarily in need of tracking services. Easync.io provides more flexibility for businesses with extensive listing needs and offers custom plans for highly specific requirements.

Do Trackerbot and Easync.io offer trial periods?

Yes, both platforms offer trial periods. Trackerbot provides a 14-day free trial, allowing more time to test its features, while Easync.io offers a 7-day trial.

How can I make an informed decision between Trackerbot and Easync.io for my dropshipping business?

Take into account what you require and want in relation to cost, characteristics, scalability, support and available resources. Through a thorough analysis of the individual merits of all platforms, you will be able to select the one which suits your business objectives most appropriately.

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