Work with dissatisfied customers in e-commerce

Dropshipping is not the easiest job and one of the minuses are dissatisfied customers. Sometimes they want to return their money or replace the goods. And you are not necessarily to blame for this. Sometimes goods are damaged or delayed by mail. There are many reasons and all sellers are struggling with this. But there is a feeling that this struggle will never end. Dissatisfied buyers appeared even during the start of trading, and this is a very long time! But now they have more opportunities. Thanks to e-commerce platforms, they can complain and ruin your reputation. How to avoid reputational losses and how to work with dissatisfied customers? Read in our article!

First, remember that eBay tracks how you respond to your customers. This happens automatically. Each seller has his own time and quality of response to the appeal. Set up your support team now!

Do not forget that customers have ways to contact you. This can be a phone, e-commerce platform messages, email, chat on the site and more. We will not even mention the reviews. All this must be monitored around the clock and respond as quickly as possible. After you find the problem, patiently listen to the problem of the client. No need to interrupt him or argue. To get started, just let the client speak up. Even this will calm him down a bit.

Next, you need to understand the problem, analyze it and the behavior of the buyer. You must understand the situation. Next, react correctly. Recognize customer problem. So you reduce the stress. Be sure to apologize and only then try to solve it. It might be worth offering a free item as a present or just making a refund. But that is not all. After solving the problem, write to the client about what you have done. So he will feel that he is not indifferent to you.

The easiest way to do this is the messages system in Easync. It is very convenient to provide customer support. This will save you time and money. Try the test period now!