Why Ebay Item Specifics Are So Important?

Experienced dropshippers know that one of the most important listing parameters is eBay item specifics. This product description is in great detail. It separates our products from others and helps users find our product. Why is it so important and how to do it right? Read in our article!

The main benefit of eBay item specifics is that customers understand what they are buying. For some people, the size, color or other characteristics of the product is very important. Therefore, if you do not specify these characteristics of the product, then the buyer will purchase unnecessary goods. This is a dissatisfied buyer. Believe us, you should not create dissatisfied customers. You will not like to process a return of goods or money.

As we already mentioned, eBay item specifics help buyers find your product. For example, someone is looking for a black shirt. If you do not specify the color of the shirt you are selling, then it will be at the bottom of the search. The first in search results will be exactly black shirts. The same thing happens with electronics. Do not lose your profits, use eBay item specifics in your business.

Ebay’s Cassini also uses data from your eBay item specifics. So if you want your listing to be ranked do not forget to add additional data. The same goes for keywords in product information. Moreover, detailed lists look much more professional. It also motivates buyers to purchase goods from you. But where to get item specifics from?

The most efficient and easiest way is to automatically parse item specifics using Easync. You just need to find a good supplier. We already wrote how this can be done in one of the previous articles. Easync will do it all automatically, try the test period now!