Walmart to eBay dropshipping – The most detailed guide for dropshipping store organization

This article describes how to organize a dropshipping store on eBay when you use Walmart as a source marketplace. You will learn the benefits and organization steps for creating an online store for the Walmart to eBay dropshipping business model.

Walmart to eBay dropshipping

Dropshipping is not a new business model; it has been known for centuries, but in recent years, this model has become very popular due to the popularity of online marketplaces. The popularity of physical stores has significantly decreased, especially during the COVID-19 years, and online stores increase their sales every day.

Dropshippers, unlike other entrepreneurs, do not care about the production cycle, raw materials, inventory, or warehouse. The main tasks of a dropshipper are to create an online store, attract customers and find suppliers for best-selling products.

When the customer makes an order in the online store, a dropshipper sends it to the supplier. The supplier could be a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer. They are also responsible for packing and delivering the products. But in case of any questions, the customer contacts only the dropshipper, who should resolve all issues, returns and damages. 

Walmart to eBay dropshipping is one of the most popular dropshipping paths, where Walmart is a source marketplace, while eBay is a target marketplace. The profit of a dropshipper is also based on the difference between Walmart’s selling price and your online store price. Also, you need to subtract all fees that should be paid monthly during registration on eBay as a Seller. There are certain benefits and special features of such a method, which we describe in this article.

Benefits of Walmart to eBay dropshipping

Walmart is an American retail corporation of hypermarkets in the USA. This company is one of the largest companies by revenue, and it has now become one of the largest marketplaces online (the e-commerce growth in 2020 was 79%).

The goods are presented in different departments: grocery, baby, kids, toy, clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, personal care and many more. On this platform, you may find many third-party sellers proposing their products. EBay is considered one of the top-selling platforms for dropshippers, with millions of users worldwide. You do not need any special skills to build an online store.

The dropshipping on eBay from Walmart has many benefits, such as:

  • eBay offers flexible subscription schemes for sellers, depending on their scale.
  • You can customize your storefront and make your online store unique and welcoming with your special story.
  • Easy organization of the online store on eBay and connection it to the Walmart account.
  • You can use marketing and promotional tools provided by eBay to increase your profit.
  • Walmart proposes improving the automated shopping experience to simplify order fulfillment (Walmart Fulfillment Services).
  • Walmart strictly checks the sellers, providing you with the choice of the most reliable suppliers.
  • Numerous automated tools for optimization, order fulfillment, and tracking sales performance.
  • Walmart provides a flexible shipping process with multiple shipping to deliver products ordered in time to your eBay store customers. If you are a member of Walmart+, you will receive free shipping.
  • eBay and Walmart both have excellent customer support service with dedicated managers, help centers, and community forums.

We have to admit that dropshipping Walmart to eBay is a convenient business model, but your eBay account may be suspended. eBay’s dropshipping policy does not allow the resale of goods from other retailers, which is widely common at Walmart. However, it is not prohibited to drop shipping from Walmart unless you work with manufacturers and wholesalers. Dropshippers are still responsible for the goods until they are delivered to the Customers. 

Steps for organization dropshipping store from Walmart to eBay

Dropshipping organization from Walmart to eBay consists of six main steps. The sequence is similar to many other product sources and target sources, but you will find some special features of Walmart and eBay platforms that are essential to consider for a successful and profitable business organization.

Sourcing the best-selling eBay products and reliable suppliers on Walmart

Walmart and eBay are dynamically changing marketplaces; you need to monitor the trending categories regularly. Some categories are seasonal trends, some depend on economic conditions, or customers change their preferences. Moreover, best-selling items on Walmart could not be so popular on eBay, as the auditory for both marketplaces is different. We recommend determining best-selling product niches on eBay and, after that, searching for suppliers on Walmart. 

However, the most reliable suppliers with the best prices are located in Walmart’s top-selling categories. These categories include baby care, personal care, cleaning suppliers, laundry suppliers, women’s clothing, pet suppliers, and kitchenware. 

There are several ways how you may find the best-selling products – manually or using automated tools. When we state manually, that means you need to check the open sources, search engines, social networks and all possible resources for the current trends. Also, you need to check the ratings and reviews on the eBay website and read articles and blogs regarding the most popular trending products now. It might be time-consuming. At the same time, automated tools can save money and provide you with results based on your filters within minutes. You can search for the products first on eBay and compare the list to Walmart to find the best proposals

One of the recommended automated tools is Easync. It works with Walmart as a source market and eBay as a target market (eBay from different countries), searching bestsellers and providing analytics of sales, estimated profit and recommended sales price. You can also use this tool for automated order fulfillment to maximize your profit, provide the best service for your customers, receive real-time tracking of your deliveries and orders, and obtain more time for advertising and business expansion. There are also other tools, such as Auto DS, ZIK Analytics, Spocket, SaleHoo, and DSers, with different functionality.

Once you have determined the recommended products to sell, you need to search on Walmart for reliable suppliers (you may also use automated tools to speed up the process). The manual search should be performed based on the keywords, photos or numerous Walmart filters.

It is essential to have more than one supplier and to be flexible in terms of available quantities, prices, and delivery terms. You should check the reviews to understand if the supplier is reliable or not; you may also purchase samples to evaluate the quality and customer service and make your photos and videos.

Unfortunately, you can’t contact Walmart suppliers before you make your first purchase to discuss possible cooperation conditions.

You need to study Walmart’s return and damage policy to make a similar one in your eBay online store. The automated tools can provide you with detailed analytics of the history of the chosen supplier.  

Setting up eBay online store

You need to start creating an online store from setting up your seller account on eBay. You will need to provide your contact information and address. You can use your personal account as a seller account. After you make your first listing, you need to add a Payoneer account (eBay and Payoneer are partners, and this is one of the simplest payment methods on the platform) and your financial info.

You might be requested to provide an authorization letter allowing you to sell the products in your listings; your contact number and data might be verified by the eBay manager’s call. It is essential to answer your phone number, indicated in the contact info. We know cases when the phone call was answered, which led to permanent account suspension.

You have to begin with small amounts by proving to eBay that you are a reliable seller. A new seller can sell ten products with a total cost not bigger than $500. Month-by-month, the quantities will increase, but you need to collect positive customer reviews. Also, Top-Rated Suppliers on eBay are displayed in search results higher. To become a top-rated seller, you need to have not more than 2% transactions with one or more defects in the determined period. 

We recommend carefully studying and setting eBay dropshipping policies (payment, return and shipping), the list of prohibited items, and the VeRo list to avoid temporary and permanent suspensions. eBay seriously protects customers from fraud. 

Connection of eBay online store to Walmart account

You also need to create a buyer account on Walmart, where you will order the products for your eBay customers. You need to add your email address, name, phone. Your email and phone will be verified with codes. You can change and remove the delivery addresses in the account. There are no limits on the quantities, but all of them should be within the United States. Unfortunately, Walmart reserves the right to limit the number of purchased items per account. 

You can track your orders in real time using the email address and order number. We recommend using a Walmart+ subscription to receive free shipping on all your products; otherwise, you must pay at least $5.99 for deliveries less than $35.00

You can connect your eBay and Walmart accounts using software to import product descriptions from Walmart automatically. But we strongly recommend customizing all descriptions and using photos and videos free from copyrights for unauthorized copying of information; you may receive eBay suspension if you breach the policy of one of the eBay Vero list participants. Moreover, if you want to be unique and expand your business, you should have some unique features to be better th an your competitors. But, you should not promise better delivery terms, free return or coverage of all damages if you do not have the same conditions on Walmart. Otherwise, you need to cover them from your dropshipping profit.

Listing and pricing your products on eBay

After your Seller account is verified, you can customize your online store (add stories and your brand logo) and make listings of products to sell. If you use automated tools, they automatically check them for VeRo breaches and other inconsistencies. It is essential to include keywords in titles for better presentation in eBay product searches. For beginners, we recommend checking the automatic advice on how your competitors sell similar items. Your product description, like any other data from your online store, can follow SEO mechanisms, which will increase organic traffic. 

For all products, you need to add as many photos as possible, specifics, title and subtitle, description, category and subcategory, all item specifics, shipping and return policy and any other information you consider important for your customer. eBay will guide you through the whole process to provide the best customer service, as most of the customers do not specify this online marketplace with numerous suppliers, but consider eBay is responsible for everything.

If you do not automate your store, you need to monitor the stocks and prices of your suppliers regularly (as much as possible per day). This is essential to keep your online store profitable. You need to set prices similar to those of your competitors; eBay does not like large deviations. Also, suppose a customer orders an item which is not available. In that case, you will need to quickly order it somewhere else or cancel the order, leading to a significant decrease in your Seller rating on eBay. If you use automated tools, all these tasks will be performed automatically, and all items will be repriced based on your set formula.

Taking orders on eBay and fulfilling them through Walmart

After you set up the online store and move your listings from drafts to published, you are ready to take first orders. When a customer orders goods from you, you need to fulfill it from Walmart to your eBay customer. If you do the fulfillment manually, you need to insert instead of your details eBay customer details but keep your email and phone number (otherwise, all tracking details will be sent to your customer, a dropshipping scheme will be found, and the customer can report on you to eBay and your account will be suspended). You need to manually insert all tracking information that you receive after the order leaves the warehouse into your listings so the eBay customer can track the order. Normally, shipping time for Walmart+ subscribers is from 24 to 48 hours. 

You should not leave your online store unattended for a couple of hours. Some customers prefer to ask questions about goods. You should organize customer support using live chat or emails. The quick responses are the most valuable. For this task, you may find AI tools that respond based on your set algorithms to the most common questions. But if you have any delays in delivery or some unpredicted difficulties with order fulfillment, we highly recommend contacting your customer directly and proposing some discount for future deliveries. Such an approach will significantly decrease the possibility of the appearance of negative reviews.

Advertising and business expansion

Advertising campaigns on eBay do not connect to the source of your products, so all business expansion and marketing models applicable to online business are applicable to you. eBay offers several paid advertising campaigns through promoted and sponsored listings with different fees; you are always welcome to participate in annual and seasonal sales. All details of each advertising campaign are available in Seller Hub.

Additionally, you have the right to use any third-party resources to promote your online store. It could be social networks, email campaigns (if you have the list of repeated customers), reviews, blog posts, or forums. But everywhere, you need to insert the direct link into your online store. 

You need to increase brand awareness to make your brand unique and memorable. We always recommend finding suppliers who can make branded packaging or add some small gifts to each package. In this way, you increase the number of return customers and the quality of your reviews. You also need to consider customer experience on your website, so do not forget SEO tools and make the best descriptions and visual images of your goods. Thanks to many free AI tools, everything is possible without physically obtaining the products. 


Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay is a good business model for everyone – beginners and professionals. It keeps all the benefits of dropshipping as no inventory is required, and wholesalers or manufacturers perform supply while a dropshipper organizes only an online store and proper order distribution. There are only some disadvantages of eBay – several policies (VeRo, dropshipping, return, etc.) and fees. Instead, you receive traffic from customers without significant effort from your side. You can participate in eBay advertising campaigns and become the Top Rated Seller to maximize your returns. Unfortunately, eBay has fees for Sellers, so you can’t start Walmart eBay dropshipping with no investments. 

This article summarizes the most essential steps for creating a profitable store on eBay without suspensions. You need to study all the rules and register your accounts on Walmart and eBay according to our guide. The use of automated tools helps decrease time spent on routine work and make it more precise without possible copying mistakes; you can spend more time on business development, increasing your listings, or opening new online stores. 

All beginners on eBay start with small listings that they can increase only by providing quality service for their customers. Walmart offers thousands of goods, but you need to find the most profitable produced by qualified supplies and organize the fastest and safest delivery to receive a positive review. These tasks are possible manually or with software tools, as well as exploring useful blogs and participating in dropshipping forums to be in trend.