Easync vs. AutoDS vs. Zendrop vs. Dsers vs. Cjdropshipping – Which tool is the best for dropshipping?

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The detailed comparison of Easync vs. AutoDS vs. Zendrop vs. Dsers vs. Cjdropshipping helps determine the benefits of each dropshipping tool. We provide the main features of each tool and describe their capabilities.

Easync vs. AutoDS vs. Zendrop vs. Dsers vs. Cjdropshipping – Comparison Review

Dropshipping is a special type of business model in which the supplier/retailer/manufacturer is responsible for production and delivery, and the dropshipper is responsible for the online store and communication with customers. Such separation helps beginners in online business start with minimum investments and organize the online store with minimum losses. For beginners and advanced users, the market proposes numerous automated dropshipping tools to minimize time lost on routine tasks.

In this article, we will compare five dropshipping tools and describe their capabilities, price plans, terms of use, and features. These tools are multifunctional, but to better understand how you may use them, we want to describe the main responsibilities of a dropshipper.

The dropshipper’s scope of activities includes several tasks: 

  • Find profitable niche and best-selling products. 
  • Search and check the most reliable suppliers.
  • Organize an online store with a unique design (on the marketplace, separate domain, or social network).
  • Create product description (text, photos, videos).
  • Make listings and pricing, 
  • Make advertising campaigns, and finally;
  • Actual order fulfillment (communication with customers, taking orders, distributing orders among suppliers, monitoring delivery).

We collect the top 5 tools which have already proven their necessity by many dropshippers. The table below shows which tasks you can simplify and automate with these tools.

Comparison Table

Best-selling products finder✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Own marketplace✔️✔️✔️✔️
Automatic order fulfillment✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Price monitoring✔️✔️✔️
Stock monitoring✔️✔️
Product sourcing✔️✔️YesYesYes
Products import✔️✔️✔️Yes✔️
Support of branded dropshipping✔️✔️
AI tools
IntegrationsWalmart, Shopify, Amazon, eBayShopify, Facebook, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon and WixShopify, CommerceHQShopify, AliExpress, Wix, WooCommerceShopify, TikTop Shop, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, Magento, AliExpress, and much more
Free trial7 days14 days14-days
Free versionYesYesYes

From the short comparison, we will move on to a more detailed comparison with a short description, main features, and pros and cons. 


Esync is one of the best automotive solutions for Ebay dropshipping. It helps to automate product sourcing in numerous marketplaces for organizing online stores on marketplaces (eBay, Amazon Merchant, Shopify, Scalehat) or own stores (using Easync API).

The platform offers over 1 million hot products per day that are already proven as best-sellers on eBay. Easync has already helped to automate more than 30.000 successful eBay shops. You can even manage several stores with Easync.

Easync helps to optimize your stores for maximum profit by sourcing the best products and suppliers, decreasing time on order fulfillment and increasing customer’s loyalty with fast shipping from one location.

We want to highlight the following features of the tool:

  • Finder of best-selling and trending products across more than 90 marketplaces (including BestBuy, Shopify, Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, and many more).
  • Research for reliable suppliers, check quantities in stock and redirect orders with one click. 
  • Detailed reports with information about fulfilled orders and achieved profit.
  • The possibility to set any strategy for automatic repricing.
  • Synchronization of listings from different marketplaces with a special tool – “Sync Unknown Listings.”
  • Special live listings for eBay online stores from Amazon source marketplace are available every 30 minutes without additional fees. 
  • For automatic fulfillment, there are no requirements for Amazon accounts; all accounts are emulated automatically.
  • It is possible to organize a shipment from one warehouse and organize branding packing there.
  • Separate Chrome extension to collect product IDs from US online stores.

You can choose between four subscription options – Starter ($49.99/month), Progressive ($65.99/month), Advanced  ($79.99/month and Expert ($99.99/month). The subscriptions differ by the quantity of repricing listings (from 2000) and automatic ordering (from 200). All plans have free trials and a 14-day refund policy. The price is the same for dropshipping on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or Walmart. In case of any questions or requests, you can send a ticket to the service. If the price is too high, you can use the cash back through affiliate programs. 


  • Free trials
  • Automatic repricing every hour
  • Sales optimization
  • Updated tracking information every hour
  • Prioritizing of repricing from required marketplaces
  • Strict privacy policy
  • Aquiline tracking
  • There are no limits to automatic order fulfillment
  • Numerous free
  • User-friendly dashboard

  • Support of most of the marketplaces is on the request
  • Do not have own marketplace
  • Additional shipping charges
  • Expensive


AutoDS is the most popular tool for starting and making your dropshipping business grow. It helps automate almost all dropshipper tasks, such as exploring new niches and finding proper suppliers. More than 87000 entrepreneurs have already used the service.

AutoDS uses several source marketplaces: Walmart, AliExpress, Etsy, Costco, HomeDepot, eBay, Amazon, Banggood, and more. It has seamless integration with target marketplaces: eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook Marketplace, Wix, Etsy, and Amazon. AutoDS has its marketplace, where dropshippers can source the products. All suppliers are reliable registered companies that manufacture their products; no resellers are qualified for the platform.

The main features of this tool are:

  • More than 500 million monitored products.
  • Analysis of 8 million trending products from global suppliers.
  • It is possible to import more than 500 million products in bulk in your listings in one click.
  • Automatic order fulfillment with tracking of all updates and returns.
  • Automatic pricing monitoring and tracking of deliveries, updated information always available for customers. 
  • Product sourcing with finding suppliers, organizing branded packing, and delivering to customers. 
  • It is possible to set the maximum order price to control expensive orders manually.
  • Automatic import of products to your online store from supported source marketplaces by URL or item ID. 

AutoDS helps to reduce errors during order fulfillment and helps to find profitable products, but the service is not for free. The prices depend on your target market. For each marketplace, you have three price plans: Import, starter, and advanced.

Moreover, you can subscribe to the customized plan for advanced dropshippers, where you choose the number of packages. For example, an eBay starter subscription is $17.90/month (400 packages), while for Amazon, the price is $69.90/month (500 packages). For an annual subscription, a 25% discount is applicable. You also may try all plans using a 14-day free trial.


  • AutoDS marketplace
  • Fulfillment from AutoDS accounts
  • Unlimited credit amount
  • Live status updates
  • Bulk product import
  • Easy scaling support
  • Quick returns
  • Process old orders
  • Online courses
  • 24/7 Live chat support

  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Some bags in updating tracking information and order conformations
  • Limited order fulfillment options
  • Overload of emails from the platform


Zendrop is another top tool for starting a dropshipping business in seconds. This service proposes many features as well to reduce time spent on regular tasks and do more marketing- shipping expediting and automated order fulfillment. All operations are performed from the Zendrop dashboard, where you see the quantity of fulfilled orders, revenue, and profit.

The system also provides an updated list of top products for further improvement of your store. To increase the loyalty of your customers and increase the number of returned customers, Zendrop has a set of branding options. The tool is easy to scale and provides all the time the analytics of your best sales.

Zendrop is popular because of its features:

  • More than 1 million unique and fast-delivered products.
  • It is possible to develop branded dropshipping and add customized items to all your deliveries (thank you notes and more).
  • Automatic order fulfillment is done in one click, and all tracking information is transferred to your online store for customers’ information (in a Pro subscription).
  • It is possible to ship fast (2-5 days) using Zendrop’s warehouses in China and the US.
  • Branding possibilities for Pro users (logo, contact information, and thank you note inside all packages). 
  • Detailed order status with an indication of customers and Zendrop payment, costs, and shipment terms.
  • Possibility to set for individual items own delivery terms (Economy, regular, or express shipping).
  • Import products with overwritten titles, descriptions, and images of your old ones from the store if required.

There are three subscription options: Free, Pro ($49/month), and Plus ($79/month). The free version includes access to one million products for easy product sourcing, quick order processing, and fast delivery. Pro users can access automatic order fulfillment, US products, and branded deliveries. The Plus users get even more: coaching calls, subscription boxes, Zendrop Academy, a trending product finder, and much more.


  • Numerous tutorials and guides
  • Catalog of US-origin products
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed metrics of fulfilled orders with sales and costs
  • Reliable customers support
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Customizable packaging and labeling
  • Easy tracking orders from the dashboard
  • Free replacement of damaged products
  • Real-time analytics of your online store

  • The product source is not transparent
  • Product supply is not guaranteed
  • No platform credits
  • Zendrop Academy is available only for money
  • Expensive monthly payment
  • Private packing is available only with MOQ orders


Dsers is an automatic tool for dropshipping for AliExpress. Dsers can do almost all tasks to achieve success for your dropshipping store – find suppliers and products, organize the store, fulfill orders, and much more. To increase your sales and revenue, the service proposes to organize DSers Bundle products by making attractive offers, special discounts, and reduced prices.

Another solution is to split the existing proposal into several products if required (Split Product feature). DSers can support your multiple stores; even using a free account, you can manage up to 3 stores; the enterprise subscription allows you to automate up to 50 stores. You also may have several PayPal and APP accounts; the subscriptions differ by the number of supported accounts. 

The functionality of Dsers is the following:

  • Best-selling products finder and import from qualified AliExpress suppliers (Supplier Optimizer). 
  • Automatic fulfillment with automatic update of AliExpress Order statutes (orders, manufactured, shipped).
  • It is possible to place AilExpress orders in bulk for easy scalability for any business.
  • Synchronization of all tracking details in your DSers account and with the customer’s account.
  • Stock management to make sure that you can fulfill all customer’s orders in the required quantities.
  • It is possible to substitute suppliers for all AliExpress products to improve your inventory status. 
  • Easy editing and adding product descriptions in your online store.
  • Support product migration from different stores and manage product lists from different suppliers.
  • Manage an unlimited number of suppliers with the possibility of being flexible in their location (not available for free subscription).

Dsers have four subscription plans – Free, Advanced ($19.9/month), Pro ($49.9/month), and Enterprise ($499/month). The plans differ by tracking capabilities, the number of managing platforms, stores, product limits, PayPal accounts, and the possibility of automatic order fulfillment and tracking. The free plan includes only basic functions; you can’t make automatic price updates or set rules for repricing. Also, a free account can’t be used for multiple users. If paid plans are expensive for you, we suggest contacting Dsers for affiliate capabilities. All paid plans have a 14-day free trial, and an annual subscription provides two months for free. 


  • Search products by AliExpress URL
  • Multiple stores management
  • Products division
  • Automatic pricing
  • Hide products that currently are not processed
  • Pre-selection of shipping methods
  • Templates for automatic requests to Suppliers
  • Automatic address fixing
  • Product import in bulk
  • Help center with e-commerce basics

  • The free version is very limited
  • Delays in data synchronization
  • Complicated for new users
  • A limited number of integrations
  • No own warehouses


Cjdropshipping is a sourcing marketplace with several automation features, including order fulfillment. As it has its own marketplace (some say it is the best alternative to AliExpress), on the official YouTube channel regularly, new videos are posted with reviews of the best seven winning dropshipping products.

For automatic order fulfillment, you need to authorize one of the supported marketplaces (Shopify, Etsy, Magento, eBay, AliExpress, BigCommerce, etc.) and match the products from the authorized store to the CJ marketplace. The system can automatically process the orders for connected products, but the rest will remain incomplete orders. In case you do not have an online store, you can import the Excel file with the required products to order.

Cjdropshipping has many useful features that simplify your daily routine:

  • Access to own warehouses in the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, and China. 
  • Find trending products per numerous categories or among new products.
  • Sourcing of products when you can’t find them per standard keyword search.
  • Access to personalized products with the possibility of making the print on demand (with a buyer or your print).
  • Several shipping methods are available: CJPacket Ordinary, Sensitive, USPS, DHL, and many more (standard and express).
  • There are two ways to order imports: automatically and manually. 
  • Collection of deliveries from several suppliers into one packing.
  • A simple search of similar products from AliExpress using the Chrome extension.
  • Fast import of the product description with images into your online store with the possibility to edit it.
  • Possibility to contact the supplier from the CJdropshipping product card.

The service subscription is free. But for ordered items, you need to pay additional fees, which are determined by the location of warehouses. For dropshipping services in China and the US, you should pay shipping and stocking fees; for Europeans, you should pay additional inbound and outbound fees. For all fees, you may check the calculations on the official website, which indicates preliminary transportation time.


  • Only qualified suppliers from all over the world
  • Numerous categories and subcategories for products
  • Customized packing with own logo
  • Search products by image
  • Bulk setting prices
  • Request to suppliers to customize the products
  • Scheduled order synchronization from your store
  • Many coupons for the service
  • Synchronization of order tracking numbers to customer
  • Many tutorials and guidance

  • No platform credits
  • Minimum quantity limits for customized items
  • Paid requests for items, photos, and videos
  • Lack of unique products
  • More expensive than AliExpress


Our article provided a detailed comparison of five dropshipping tools – Easync vs. AutoDS vs. Zendrop vs. Dsers vs Cjdropshipping. All these tools are multifunctional with their pros and cons. They help to find best selling products and reliable suppliers, import product descriptions, fulfill orders, and track delivery.

You definitely can purchase each of them to improve your service and increase your profit by reducing time on the execution of routine work and spending more time on marketing and business expenditures. You can try each tool using the free trial or free version to understand which one is better for your dropshipping niche and online store.