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Repricing Listings: 5000
Automatic Ordering : 500
Instant Auto Tracking: 500
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Repricing Listings: 10000
Automatic Ordering : 1000
Instant Auto Tracking: 1000
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Question & Answer

What is Automatic Ordering? Does it support Amazon Prime? automatically places and fulfills your buyers orders from Amazon. You only need to link your Amazon account. If your account has Amazon Prime, then all orders will be processed with Prime.
What does immediate tracking upload mean?
Easync has the functionality to constantly check for tracking. As soon as Amazon provides the tracking number, Easync will upload it to eBay. You will not have to wait 30 minutes for the app to check the status of tracking. Our service will upload tracking to eBay only a few seconds after it becomes available from amazon.
What are live listings? Are there additional fees for listings?
These are listings that you have for sale on eBay which reprice from Amazon every 30 minutes. There are no any other fees involved.
Can I choose repricing offers with Amazon Prime or Walmart Shipping Pass?
Yes, you can specify which offers to use. Go to 'Settings' → 'Source Market'.
Can I see how the system works?
Of course, we offer a trial for 7 days.
I have a lot of listings. How I can synchronize items on and
We can help customers with tens of thousands of listings. Go to: 'Tools' → 'Sync Unknown Listings'. If you need help with this we will be glad to walk you through it.
Can I use only repricing, without AO (Automatic Ordering)?
Yes, of course. You can also use AO alone without using the Repricing.
What Market Places does support?
eBay US, eBay CA, eBay UK and Shopify. Others on request.
How often are Orders and Offers updated?
Repricing every 1 hour. Auto Ordering will be instantly loaded on your orders screen. Tracking numbers are auto uploaded every 1 hour. We have support for instant tracking uploads, send us a message if you want this enabled (this is free too). Also, ask us about Auto Upload Tracking on manual orders (also free). Yes, this is something we support if you have to manually make an order on Amazon for a failed order.
Supported Source Markets?
Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Costco, Bestbuy and Other Stores.
How Override works?
Margin percent override will set a specific price that does not consider the repricing page. So if you have 20% margin percent override it will force 20% upcharge on that item even if you have a different margin percent on the repricing page.
You can also check your overrides by going to Reports → Override to keep up with any overrides you currently have.
Can I use a strategy for Repricing?
Yes, this is an important parameter. You can set a flexible strategy to adjust repricing.