Dropshipping Amazon.ca

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If you want to get an extra source of income or even build an Ecommerce business, Dropshipping from Amazon CA to eBay CA is a great opportunity for this. Nowadays dropshipping is a steadily developing and popular type of business. With minimal time and effort you can get a steady income.

For people who have no idea what to start with there are few concrete steps. At first you need to decide what type of products is worth selling. Amazon CA has its own top products list which is updated weekly. Or you may do your own research of the most demanded items, but this will take too much valuable time. Easync can do that for you. Our software has a ‘hot items’ instrument, which finds the most popular products on eBay and create the listings for you with your approval. It will save your time and nerves.

Time is money. Right after the buyer made an order on eBay, the product must promptly be ordered on Amazon. Easync can do this for you. Our software offers a great tool called Auto ordering. It places an order for the buyer’s address and provides all the tracking information for them.

In order to keep prices actual and avoid making a negative profit, listings must be controlled constantly and efficiently. We created one more feature for our users called the repricing tool. All listings will be checked to keep the prices in your eBay store correct and proper.

You absolutely don’t have to worry if a buyer starts a return procedure. There is a return button for every order, so you just need to click on it. You will get an email confirmation for this transaction. The buyer will receive the correct shipping label needed according to the circumstances of the return.

If you are ready to start your eBay drop ship business, you should begin with creating an account on Amazon. We always advise our users to get a Prime membership. It costs 12.99/month, but you get the first month free. Prime guaranties free two-days shipping for the most but not all the items. If the shipping is paid you should include it in item’s price on eBay. Prime membership also increases your rating and helps to keep you in good standing with eBay.