Dropshipping Amazon.in

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Nowadays dropshipping is a steadily developing and popular type of business. Its essence is to buy goods at the lowest possible price at the source, for example, on Amazon and sell on Ebay, increasing the price. You don’t need to have a specific education or equipment. Dropshipping may be your extra source of income or become an independent business. There is no need in pre-buying anything.

The first step to begin dropshipping is creating an account. Then you choose the category of products for reselling. Easync can automate all the steps for you. We create a list of the most demanded products. The feature called repricing is used to form your store’s prices. We check the prices on the source market and in your store to keep sure they are actual and optimal. Repricing is very important as it regulates your profit. We also check the quantity of products for you to sell only those items which are available.

Easync will check parameters of listings:

Another great tool of Easync is Auto ordering. After your buyer makes a purchase in your Ebay store our software automatically orders this item on Amazon and send it to your buyer. All the needed tracking information is uploaded.

If your buyer ever wants to return the item, that’s not a problem for Easync. We have a cancel button, and after clicking it the process of returning is automatically started. You and your buyer will receive e-mails confirmation for this transaction. Easync will also upload a screenshot of the shipping label (depending on the circumstances of the return) that will be sent to your buyer.

Easync accumulates a free hot items list for our users. You may apply to it whenever you want. We also provide ‘competition compare’ which helps you to be on top among the other sellers.