Dropshipping Amazon.com

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Dropshipping from Amazon.com

Amazon to eBay arbitrage is much more common than people think. The secret to success with this is buying an item at the lowest possible price on a source market such as Amazon, and selling it on eBay with a desired profit margin.

It is important to research potential items that you would like to sell. You need to make sure there is a demand for your item. One of the great things about Easync is our software can do this for you! There is a feature called "hot items" where Easync will grab the most popular/sold items on eBay and create those listings for you. Of course, it is with your approval that these will be added to your store. It's a great tool that will aid in building your store quickly and successfully.

One thing you also need to know when starting a dropshipping business is that timing is very important. When a buyer purchases an item from you and you don't buy it in time off of Amazon, there could be potential for profit loss. This would not be a concern for our users. Easync offers the repricing tool which prevents these type of situations. Our software will check the price and availability of your listings every 15 minutes. This helps keep our member's stores efficient and up to date.

Auto ordering is another tool Easync offers that helps users to complete the order once the buyer has purchased the item on eBay. This feature will allow our software to automatically purchase the item off of Amazon, grab the buyer's address and ship the item to them for you. Tracking information will also be loaded for your buyer as well. If there is ever a need for a return, Easync can manage that for you as well. Just click the return button on the desired order and the process will be started immediately. You will receive an email confirmation for the transaction and depending on the circumstance, the buyer we receive the shipping information needed.

If you are going to drop ship from Amazon US to eBay US you will need to create an account. We suggest purchasing a prime account which is just 12.99/month and the first month is free.

Also, as a Prime member on Amazon US, you will receive free two day shipping as long as the item is Prime. There will still be free shipping options available on most items, but could require more handling days. If you are ever required to pay for shipping you would need to raise your profit margins on that store so that the shipping costs would be covered.