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Dropshipping from Amazon.in India

Amazon IN to eBay IN (India) arbitrage

Amazon to eBay India is a great way to create an extra source of income or to possibly even become your main source of income and start a dropshipping business. It requires minimal effort and time compared to the average occupation. You aren't required to buy items ahead of time and you don't keep inventory of your products either. You won't purchase the item on Amazon until it sells on your eBay store. Whichever source market you decide to use will ship the item for you. Easync will recognize this sale and automatically find the buyers address and auto ship the product from the source to your buyer. This is our automatic ordering feature. Easync will also auto track your orders and upload the tracking information for you as well. 

Another great feature that Easync offers to assist it's drop shippers is repricing.

Easync will check parameters of listings:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Handling Days
  • Delivery Time
  • Any offers
  • Your Competitors

Of your listings every 15 minutes. The eBay price tracker is a very important feature for our users because listings are extremely time sensitive and repricing will reduce the chances of profit loss drastically.

If there is ever a circumstance where a return request has been submitted by the buyer, Easync offers an auto return feature at just the click of a button. Once the process has been started you will receive an email confirmation for this transaction. Easync will also upload a screenshot of the shipping label (depending on the circumstance of the return) that will be sent to your buyer.

One of the best ways to be a successful dropshipper on eBay India would be to take advantage of our free hot items list that we accumulate for our users. With good standing in eBay and low profit margins you will receive these items with your approval. This will help increase your sales tremendously. Easync also offers "competition compare" which means we will grab the most popular title on eBay for your listing.

Free Shipping

If you are going to drop ship from Amazon IN to eBay IN you will need to create an account. We suggest purchasing a prime account which is just Rs.999 / year.

Also, as a Prime member on Amazon IN, you will receive free two day shipping as long as the item is Prime. There will still be free shipping options available on most items, but could require more handling days. If you are ever required to pay for shipping you would need to raise your profit margins on that store so that the shipping costs would be covered.