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Dropshipping from Amazon.ca

Dropshipping from Amazon CA to eBay CA is a lot more common than most would think and is a great way to generate an extra source of income or even to build an Ecommerce business. This would require very little time and effort, yet still be extremely successful and profitable for those who decide this might be for them.

One might ask, "How do you know what to sell on eBay?" There are many ways to determine the best type of products to list for potential buyers. For instance, Amazon has a list of best selling items that changes daily for its users. That would be a great place to start as well as doing your own research to find out what products are in high demand at the time. Those options are great, but take up too much valuable time. Easync will do the research for you. Our software offers "hot items" to its users free of charge. We find the top selling products on eBay and create the listings for you with your approval. This is a very useful tool that will help you to start seeing sales quickly.

Timing is another very important factor when starting a dropshipping business. In order to keep from making a negative profit, listings must be monitored constantly and efficiently. Our users don't have to worry about this because Easync's software will monitor the products for them. We call this our repricing feature. Every 15 minutes all listings will be checked to make sure that they are priced correctly and are properly in stock on eBay.

Once the buyer has purchased their product, Easync will detect this and auto order the item for the seller. The product would then be auto shipped to the buyer and all tracking information would be uploaded as well. We call this the auto ordering feature. This makes online arbitrage almost effortless. The software does all of the work and our customers' stores continue to grow and profit.

If a buyer ever wants to initiate a return, our software can handle that for our members as well. All the user needs to do it is click the return button on the order for this buyer. The return process will immediately go into effect and an email confirmation for this transaction will be sent to the user. The buyer will receive the correct shipping label needed according to the circumstance of the return.

In order to start your eBay dropship business, you will need to create an account with Amazon. Easync always recommends for it's users to purchase a Prime membership which is 12.99/month, but you get the first month free. Prime is important because you will be able to get products to your buyers quicker than standard shipping. This will also help to keep you in good standing with eBay and to have excellent seller ratings. Greater ratings will help put your listings closer to the top of the page that the buyer is searching. Keep in mind that there can be instances where sellers are required to pay for shipping. Profit margins can be adjusted for individual items to make up for the shipping expense. You will just include the shipping in the price of the item for sale on eBay and you will be good to go.