Дропшиппинг на eBay

Easync works with the most popular marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Shopify. We provide such options as Repricing, AutoOrdering and Auto Tracking.

eBay is an e-commerce marketplace since 1995. It is popular for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. You can register both a regular shopping account and a merchant account. eBay is completely free for buyers. Each seller, in case of a successful sale of the product, pays a commission depending on the amount of the sale. In addition, other paid services are provided to sellers.

eBay is popular all over the world. First of all, eBay is attractive as a place for profitable shopping. Here you can buy clothes and shoes of famous brands, laptops, smartphones, cosmetics and perfumes, auto parts, and millions of other goods, literally for next to nothing.

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Easync is a repricing tool the fastest in the market, Both pricing. This is a great way to protect you from selling something on eBay that is actually out of stock on the source market.

With Easync eBay advanced listing tool we won’t delist the item from eBay, but we will set the quantity to zero and once the item is back in stock, the eBay listing software will show the matching quantity.

Easync repricer will find the lowest price offered so that you have the most competitive price for your profits.

Auto Ordering

Easync will add the source product to your cart and ship it to your buyer’s address. You can also specify which shipping speed you want to use. If an order fails you’ll receive an email and instructions on how to fix the problem.

Once an order is placed on eBay, Easync will auto order the item from the source market with the correct shipping address and will choose the proper shipping so your buyer receives the product as soon as possible (all within 60 seconds). Screenshots of the order and its tracking will be provided in the details of the order.


After the items are shipped and a track number is uploaded Easync will automatically add the tracking to eBay. Moreover, we will convert the tracks of Amazon, UPS or USPS into Aquiline - tracking that eBay accepts. The software auto tracks the orders for you and upload the information for you and the buyer to see. Screenshots of the order and its tracking will be provided in the details of the sale.

We have an instant tracking option. It’s an immediate loading of Aquiline tracking right after the order is placed. You can enable this option or not. Recently we have added a function of the identical zip code. This means that all your Aquiline tracking will now have a single zip code for the place of departure. This will further increase your safety when working with our dropshipping service.

VERO blacklist

If you are an experienced dropshipper, then you are most likely familiar with the concept of ebay VeRO list. But if you are a newbie and eBay suspended your store unexpectedly due to eBay VeRO violations, then this article will help you avoid new mistakes.

VeRO stands for “verified rights owner program”. This is to protect the brand from violating intellectual property laws. Moreover, the concept of intellectual property is very broad. This includes company logos and slogans and much more.

You can make up your own VERO blacklist. We also offer a Blacklist tool. If a listing in a new batch is blocked you can force it to list by clicking the check box

Chrome extension tool

Easync is a dropshipping app which works with many major platforms. Most popular eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify. Easync has a Google Chrome drop shipping extension for the browser, which makes it possible to bulk add all products for a specific request to your catalog. It shows which products will sell poorly. And it will offer to edit duplicates so that you are not banned.

Dropshipping Chrome extensions are dropshipping business automation tools that improve efficiency and simplify the process of importing goods and processing orders.

The Aliexpress to eBay Chrome extension or Aliexpress to Shopify chrome extension allows you to import products into your Shopify or eBay store directly from AliExpress.com, sort products by your preferred shipping option, and reduce the processing time for orders containing products from AliExpress.

If your source market is Amazon then use the Amazon dropshipping Chrome extension.

24/7 support

Easync customers can get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up—24/7 and in real-time. We work with customers all over the world. They are all in different time zones. Therefore Easync organized the work of the support service in such a way that each client received an answer within 5 minutes, regardless of his country of residence. Our specialists are always in touch and ready to help with any question. Such a mode of operation of the support service has a beneficial effect on your business, since it eliminates downtime and delays in work. We have also collected many articles and video instructions that will help you quickly and easily understand the principles of our service.

Product Benefids


Easync offers its fulfillment center for dropshipping or in other words FBE. We use our own Fulfilment accounts to process your orders. This is very convenient because you don’t need to care about the item returns or the account suspension.

FBE frees up time for you to do more important things for your business. For example if your buyer wants to return the item you just contact our support and get a return label within a few minutes. The same thing happens with the cancellation of an order. You do not need to do anything other than contact our support team, which works for you 24/7.

To start using FBE just top up your FBE balance and that’s it!

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Hot item

We have created a tool for you that allows you to find the most popular and best-selling products on eBay and Amazon.

Easync members that use our hot items tool have a sell through rate of around 10x higher than finding listings using normal methods.

Sales typically have a significant impact from these products. We'll continue finding popular items to sell for your store.

We don't pull hot items from our existing Easync members stores; so you won't be competing with other members and you don't have to worry about us passing your hot selling items to other Easync members. The listings aren't chosen from any specific categories, they're just random.

Aquline tracing

Aquiline is an officially approved carrier by eBay. Aquiline will convert your Amazon tracking numbers to their own tracking which are accepted by eBay. Aquiline is an authorised and recognizable carrier on eBay. You can choose it from eBay's dropdown menu list of carriers.

Aquiline offers better customer service as your buyers will be able to track their orders, as well as maintain your valid tracking percentage and deal with “Item not received” cases.

Aquiline supports and convert All Suppliers

You can decide if you want to convert UPS, USPS, DHL & FedEx (no matter the supplier.) into Aquiline.

Tracking conversion works in all markets US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA

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Frequently Asked Question

Могу ли я автоматизировать прямую поставку на eBay с помощью ваших инструментов?

Можно. Фактически, eBay - одна из самых популярных платформ среди наших клиентов. У нас также есть множество руководств по eBay на нашем канале YouTube здесь .

You can. In fact, eBay is one of the most popular platforms among our customers. We also have a bunch of tutorials about eBay on our YouTube channel here.

Могу ли я потерять деньги при дропшиппинге?

Да. Хотя мы предоставляем высококачественные услуги, не ожидайте, что инструмент будет работать как волшебная палочка. Еще многое зависит на вас: как вы ведете свой бизнес, какие товары вы пытаетесь продать и многое другое.

Yes. Although we provide high-quality services, do not expect the tool to work like a magic wand. There's still a lot depending on you: how you run your business, what kind of items you're trying to sell, and many other things.

Могу ли я начать бизнес на eBay без инструментов прямой поставки?

Вы можете начать бизнес прямой поставки на eBay, не прибегая к сторонним инструментам. Однако вы должны понимать, что это будет быть более дорогостоящим и трудоемким. Кроме того, многие люди уже автоматизировали свой бизнес, поэтому вам также придется конкурировать с ними. Без таких сложных инструментов, как easync, вы рискуете заползти позади.

You can start an eBay dropshipping business without taking to using third-party tools. You should, however, understand that it will be more expensive and time-consuming. Besides, lots of people have their businesses automated already, so you will have to compete with them as well. Without sophisticated tools like easync, you risk ending up crawling behind.

Перспективы прямой поставки eBay в 2021 году?

Несмотря на то, что Amazon и Shopify становятся все более популярными, eBay остается многообещающим. Но помните, что это может быть непросто для начала, особенно для новичков. Например, они всегда ожидают, что вы будете покупать оптом и оплатить регистрационный сбор. Если вам не удастся найти поставщика, который позволит вам покупать отдельные продукты, вам придется покупать много товаров с самого начала.

Despite Amazon and Shopify getting more and more popular, eBay remains promising. But remember that it might be a tough place to start with, especially for newcomers. For instance, they always expect you to buy in bulk and pay listing fees. If you fail to find a supplier who lets you purchase individual products, you'll have to buy plenty of goods from the very first.