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Dropshipping from Amazon.de

Most stores offer free shipping on orders over $49. This is usually 5-7 days for drop shipping. If we put “Free 49” or “Free 39” below then just know this is what we are referring to. Arbitrage reselling is a great way to make extra money or even replace a full time income without the “full time” required.

If you wish to resell arbitrage items that are under $49 then you will need to set your repricing a little higher for that store to adjust for the shipping costs. But it is possible you will lose money this way in your dropshipping business. For stores that have “fixed” shipping costs for low priced items we will have a check box to choose to build that cost into your prices.

We suggest only resell items that qualify for Free 49; OR pay for a “Free 2 Day Ship” Membership if they offer one.
If you find information on this site that is not updated, has changed, or is incorrect in some way then notify us and we will have it corrected to provide the best information for our community. For example: Walmart recently canceled their “shipping pass” and now offers free 2 day shipping for everybody on items that qualify (currently $35+)